Top 10 Who Has More Tiktok Followers in 2022? Updated!

As of January 2022, TikTok had three billion instals and one billion monthly active users. Obviously, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms.

Nonetheless, which accounts are attracting the most followers? Here are the 20 TikTok accounts with the most followers. Learn who you should be following and how they’ve amassed millions of video views.

Who Has the Most TikTok Followers in 2022:

1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

Charli D'Amelio

As of January 2022, Charli D’Amelio has the most followers on the TikTok platform with over 134 million. She leads not only in terms of the number of TikTok followers, but also in other respects. She is among the TikTok stars who earned more than the CEOs of several S&P 500 companies, per The Wall Street Journal. Forbes estimates that her income in 2021 will be a staggering $17.5 million.

It is through dance that she rose to the top of the TikTok rankings and became one of the highest-paid influencers. After her dance moves on TikTok went viral, she attracted the attention of the Jonas Brothers and The Tonight Show. Then, one thing led to another, resulting in a large number of followers and dollars.

2. Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame)

Khabane Lame

Khabane Lame (or simply Khaby) is the male TikTok influencer with the most followers, with slightly more than 130 million. Born in Senegal but raised in Italy, his claim to fame on TikTok is short comedy skits about how people complicate simple tasks such as cake cutting. Similar to Mr. Bean, he will amuse you without speaking. His characteristic facial expression speaks volumes.

He initially joined TikTok after losing his job during the coronavirus lockdown, which is an interesting aside. His parodies of life-hack videos demonstrate that you don’t necessarily need to dance or sing (or lip-sync) to gain a following on TikTok.

3. Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)

Bella Poarch

Bella has 87 million followers on TikTok, her largest following. Prior to joining social media, she served in the United States Navy. The video in which she lip-syncs “M to the B” by Millie B has received the most likes. Currently, she is into cosplay.

According to ExactNetWorth, she receives approximately $30,000 for a sponsored TikTok and has been on the platform for about a year. Some online sources estimate her net worth to be around $300,000, while ExactNetWorth estimates it to be as high as $2 million.

TikTok also announced in September 2021 that it will release its first NFT collection. It was supposed to include a collaboration between Bella and Grimes. TikTok was unable to create this NFT and other planned digital collectibles.

4. Addison Rae (@addisonre)

Addison Rae’s dance videos are her most recognisable work. Just a few months after joining TikTok, she amassed one million followers. Two years later, she has amassed over 86 million followers.

She shows no signs of slowing down and began 2022 on a high note as well. She was named the Global Brand Ambassador for Vital Proteins and issued her first NFTs in January 2022. Her NFTs collection, which included 7,777 unique pieces, was immediately sold out.

Addison Rae

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5. Zach King (@zachking)

Zach King

Zach King is an American illusionist and internet celebrity. As of January 2022, his short-form digital sleight of hand videos have received more than 840 million likes. He is based in Los Angeles.

His videos have already won him a number of awards, including the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and YouTube’s NextUp Creators Contest, prior to his rise to TikTok fame.

Recent accomplishments include a Streamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects (his third Streamy award to date). Nevertheless, winning Mr. Beast’s The Creator Games 3 is likely his most prestigious achievement.

6. The Twitter handle of Will Smith

Will Smith

Not everyone on TikTok is a member of the millennial generation or a social media celebrity. A number of celebrities have also utilised TikTok to communicate with their fans. In fact, at the time this article was written, Will Smith had the sixth-most TikTok followers.

His content has garnered more than 424 million likes and he has just shy of 65 million followers. However, online commentators have hypothesised that the quality of his videos is the reason for his popularity on a platform that caters primarily to younger audiences. In fact, this is also his principal criticism.

Some users are irritated by the likelihood that he has a team of expert producers editing his videos. There has even been speculation that his content may be sponsored by his film projects.

Also, he was famous before many of today’s TikTok stars were even born, so he does not rely as heavily on the platform as other creators who use it to make a living. However, the United States is a free nation, and he does upload entertaining, high-quality content.

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7. Kimberly Loaiza (@kimberly.loaiza)

Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza, who hails from Mexico, is among the top YouTube influencers and largest social media influencers on TikTok. According to HypeAuditor, she is currently the most influential TikTok user in Mexico.

She has close to 60 million followers as of January 2022. Per post, her videos receive an average of 23,000 comments and just over 9 million views. According to HypeAuditor, approximately 3 percent of her posts appear in the “For you” tab, and her viral video potential is rated as high.

She is best known for her vlogs and challenge videos, but she also has four singles out. In 2021, her estimated net worth was approximately $17.5 million.

8. Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio)

Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio is following in the footsteps of Charli D’Amelio, her younger sister. While her sister is better known for her dance skills, Dixie is more focused on music. She has released a few singles to date. In fact, her debut single was YouTube’s most popular video for a time, and she has performed alongside the Jonas Brothers and Ed Sheeran.

While she has amassed a sizable following on TikTok, she is not solely focused on her solo career. She and her sister also created a Hulu series called The D’Amelio Show. Beginning in September 2021, the premiere episode aired, and the show was renewed for a second season. The release date for the second season has not yet been announced.

Forbes estimates that the combined earnings of the two sisters totaled nearly $28 million. In 2020, it was estimated that this would amount to “only” $7 million.

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9. Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak)

Burak Ozdemir

Burak Ozdemir (also known as CZN Burak) is a Turkish restaurateur and chef. According to HypeAuditor, he has nearly 56 million followers as of January 2022, and the average number of views per post is 2.5 million.

His success transcends the digital realm. He also owns Hatay Civilizations Table, a restaurant chain with four locations, one of which is in Dubai. His claim to fame is the enormous Middle Eastern and Turkish dishes he prepares, as well as other popular dishes like hot dogs and burgers.

Not only are his portions enormous, but so is his smile. When he is cooking, he smiles broadly and looks directly at the camera.

10. The Twitter account of Spencer X (@spencerx).

Spencer X

Spencer X is a beatboxer and social media personality from the United States. On TikTok, where he is known as the Mouth Music Man, he shares original songs, beatboxing covers, tutorials, and collaborations.

With nearly 55 million TikTok followers and 1.3 billion likes, Spencer X is one of the platform’s highest-paid stars. His estimated annual income is approximately $1.2 million.

Not only have his TikTok followers noticed him, but so has TikTok itself. TikTok announced in 2020 that he would receive a portion of its Creator Fund. In addition, he has collaborated with artists such as Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar, who are prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

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