Who is Jd Harmeyer Wife: How Many Followers He Have on Twitter?


Media producer and radio host JD Harmeyer is a native American who rose to fame thanks to his work on The Howard Stern Show. JD performs his duties with enthusiasm and dedication, and he keeps his public profile high.

He has discovered the person who, along with his work, makes his life whole and who he can truly adore. Explore his marriage to his wife and other juicy details underneath.

Fairborn, Ohio is home to JD Harmeyer. Prior to his family’s move to Lakeland, Florida, a city in Polk County, he spent his early childhood in Fairborn.

His biological father was named Chuk Harmeyer, and his stepfather, King Tonga Wonga, and stepmother, Robin, also share the same name. JD was born in the United States and is of white ancestry.

Who is Jd Harmeyer Wife

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Who is Jd Harmeyer Wife?

In 2018, Jennifer Tanko Harmeyer and J.D. Harmeyer exchanged wedding vows. Howard Stern, a coworker of J.D.’s, frequently dropped hints about his romantic life, however it was never revealed when they first began dating. Their 2016 cohabitation was reportedly first reported in the media.

A year later, in February of 2017, the pair made the happy announcement of their engagement. Repeatedly, Howard assisted his companion Harmeyer in writing his wedding vows for broadcast.

However, the actor/director did not invite his co-workers from “The Howard Stern Show” to the wedding. However, everyone in the group shared in the joy of the happy couple on their wedding day by sending them well wishes.

Reports indicate the pair eloped to Las Vegas on August 25, 2018 to get married in relative anonymity. They had only 10 guests total, including immediate relatives.

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How Many Followers He Have on Twitter?

As of this writing, Jd Harmeyer has more than 298.5K Twitter followers

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