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Who is Stephanie Davis’ Baby Daddy? Jeremy McConnell Reveals He is Caben-Albi George’s Father!

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Stephanie Davis is a well-known British actor and reality TV star. Both her work and her personal life have gotten a lot of attention. In 2016, when she told the world she was pregnant, people were curious about who was the baby’s father. Davis hasn’t said much about the secret, even though people are interested. This has led to a lot of guesses and rumours. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing details surrounding Stephanie Davis’ baby daddy and explore the various theories that have emerged over the years.

Who Is Stephanie Davis‘ Baby Daddy?

Jeremy McConnell is the father of Stephanie Davis’s child. Even though they aren’t together anymore, their relationship had a messy end. During Stephanie’s pregnancy, Jereny at first denied that he was the father of the child.

Stephanie was happy to have a boy, whom she named Caben-Albi George. The Telamon actor Fiercer said that she had filmed the birth so she could watch it back and thank fans for their support.

Jeremy McConnell is the father of Stephanie Davis's child


Even though Jeremy and Stephanie dated for a while, Jeremy said that they broke up two weeks before they went to Cape Verde, and he didn’t know who she was with during that time. Later, he took a live DNA test on This Morning with the help of AlphaBiolabs. The Jeremy Kyle Show has also used this company.

Later, the former CBC star went on Twitter to prove that he is the child’s father. He posted a cute picture of the baby and said that he will love this monkey with all of his heart.

Who Were the Other Rumored Fathers of Stephanie Davis‘ Baby

Josh Ritchie

Joshua Ritchie, who used to be on On the Beach, let it slip that he might also be the father of Steph’s baby when he said he was worried that Steph might show up on his doorstep with her child.

Joshua said this on Dan Wootton’s Facebook Live: “I slept with Steph almost a year ago. “I’m worried because she could show up with the baby at my door at any time.”

Josh Ritchie and Stephanie Davis


Later, he replied to one of Steph’s friends who said he was using the birth of her child to get more attention. In a tweet full of swear words, he wrote, “Steph isn’t going to like your tweet, you beggar, ugly, f****** mug! I talked to Steph, you ugly C***”

Last May, an X-rated video of them making out in bed was posted online. In the video, he is naked and showing off his penis while Steph laughs next to him. But Stephanie said she was already pregnant when it was filmed, and her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy, is the father of the baby.

Josh afterwards said that he didn’t want to be the father of the baby.

Scott Timothy

Scott, who most people call “Scotty T,” is a player on Geordie Shore. He was in the house when Jeremy and Steph first started dating.

Marnie Simpson, one of his co-stars on MTV, joked that her friend has “fathered a lot of children he doesn’t know about” and that Steph’s son could be one of them. This put his name in the hat of possible dads.

The TV beauty wrote, “I’m glad Stephanie Davis gave birth safely, and I can’t wait for Jeremy McConnell to take a paternity test.

Stephanie Davis and Scott Timothy


“What if he’s not the father? I heard Scotty T could be the father. “I think he has a lot of children he doesn’t know about…

“It’s likely that he has children in every country. He’s not old enough to be a dad, but he might be a little more responsible than Jeremy!”

Then, Scott made fun of the accusation by posting a picture of Darth Vader with his famous catchphrase, “I am your father.”

Who is Stephanie Davis Dating Now?

We don’t know much about Stephanie Davis’s current relationship status, but we do know that the TV actress has had a rough past, as she has been linked to a few known faces in the past. Last year, she told everyone about her boyfriend, Joe McKalroy, and said that he was the love of her life.

Stephanie wrote in a mushy post about how the best feeling in the world is to laugh every day with her best friend, who she also calls the love of her life, and how she can’t wait to travel the world with him.

Stephanie seems to have moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Tasker, who worked in a bike shop. Owen Warner, who plays Romeo Quinn on Hollyoaks, was once in a relationship with the actor.

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Even though they moved in together after only one month of dating, their relationship didn’t last long. After nine months, they broke up because Owen thought they were going too fast.

How does the Mystery Surrounding Stephanie Davis’ Baby Daddy Get Solved?

After being on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, Jeremy and Stephanie dated for a few months. The next May, she got pregnant, and she has always said that the baby is Jeremy’s.

But Jeremy has always said that it wasn’t true. At first, he said Steph wasn’t pregnant at all, and then he asked for a pregnancy test. He also said he knew he couldn’t be the baby’s father because he knew she got her period after they broke up.

Jeremy McConnell is the father of Stephanie Davis's child

He was on a trip with his friends in Thailand when the baby was born, so he went back to his ex and asked for a DNA test. When Jeremy finally broke his vow of quiet, he gave an exclusive interview to The Sun Online. In it, he begged his ex-girlfriend to finally tell him if he is the father of little Caben-Albi.


He said, “I’m pretty sure I’m the father. The baby looks like me, so I want it to be mine. “I never said that the baby wasn’t mine. All I said was that there was some doubt because she was with other guys in the first two weeks of April.

Last year, the former couple met on Celebrity Big Brother and had a wild few months together.
“We broke up for two weeks before we went to Cape Verde, and I don’t know who she was sleeping with during that time.”

AlphaBiolabs, the same company used on the Jeremy Kyle Show, helped Jeremy take a live DNA test on This Morning. In February, Jeremy posted on Twitter to say that the kid was his.

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The former Celebrity Big Brother star posted a cute close-up shot of the baby on Twitter and wrote, “I’ll love this monkey with all of me.”

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