Who Is the Wife of Justin Hartley? Learn About Her Career, Romantic Life, and Other Facts of Interest!

When Chrishell Stause revealed in season 3 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset that Justin Hartley had texted her that he had filed for divorce, he became an instant villain. After their divorce was finalised in 2021, the actor from This Is Us was labelled a “cheat.” Fans believe he began dating his current wife, Sofia Pernas, while he was still married to Stause.

What Is Justin Hartley’s Marital Status?

Despite the fact that he is married to Sofia Pernas, it is evident that he adores her.

When she is present, it is much simpler to complete tasks. In addition, I have the impression that I have improved in multiple areas. I have a lot to learn from her. She is fluent in five languages.

He gushed about her to Haute Living, describing her as “bright, lovely, and delightful to look at.” She is one of my favourite people because she is so intelligent. She inspires me to become a better man, as Jack Nicholson said in As Good As It Gets.

Because she is so good, I want to rise to the occasion and demonstrate how much I value her. Regarding his partner, he adds, “[This type of love] truly completes me.”

What Is the Name of Justin Hartley’s Wife?

Pernas was born in Morocco to a Moroccan mother and a Spanish father, but she and her family immigrated to the United States when she was five years old.

She originally desired to be a journalist, but after being discovered by talent scouts, she changed her mind and became a model and then an actor.

From 2017 to 2019, Hartley’s first wife was former soap actress Chrishell Stause. Prior to his marriage to Stause, he was wed to Lindsay Korman from 2004 until 2012.

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What Is It Like to Be Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas’ Spouse?

Months after their wedding, Hartley stated he could not recall what it was like to live without Pernas. Even though we’ve been married for only a few months, it’s difficult to remember life before she arrived, he remarked. “I knew instantly when I saw her again. Learning about the human heart and mind is fascinating. Rather than being dependent, I am at peace with myself. I feel cherished and respected. I am confident that she shares my views. We simply have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful family. It is both nutritious and delicious.”

In March 2022, Pernas stated that they are still in the honeymoon phase. “We are obviously still in the honeymoon phase. We are both wearing identical clothing. During the Critics’ Choice Awards, she made a joke before correcting herself to Entertainment Tonight. She joked, “No, we’re in the middle of our forever phase.” A month later, she disclosed that she and Isabella Hartley, her stepdaughter, get along swimmingly. “She is extremely wise. This girl, I mean, she has everything figured out! “She knows exactly what she wants,” she stated. “She has a nice, charming man. I won’t say too much because she’ll go “Ah!” if I do, but they’re fantastic.”

Who Is the Wife of Justin Hartley?

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When Did Chrishell Stause Get a Divorce

This past November, Hartley filed for divorce from Stause. Hartley allegedly informed Stause via text message that he desired a divorce, and she learned the news approximately 45 minutes before the general public. Ouch!

What Prompted Justin to Divorce Chrishell?

While details on Hartley’s first marriage are scant, sources tell PEOPLE that he filed for divorce from second wife Stause in November 2019 for a number of reasons, including his newfound fame on This Is Us and the couple’s divergent objectives and goals.

They are fundamentally incompatible in many ways. “Chrishell is really ready to settle down and be a wife and stay-at-home mom,” said one of the publication’s sources. “Justin wants it, but he doesn’t think it needs to happen any time soon, and he’s at a point in his career where he wants to explore all of his options” As a result of the show, he has gained a new level of fame, and he doesn’t want to close too many doors right now, which is not the path Chrishell wants to take. She anticipated having children soon after her marriage, but that has not transpired.

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How Old Was Justin Hartley When He Wed Sofia Pernas?

A year after they first began dating, Hartley and Pernas wed in March 2021. Hartley asserts that they began dating one year after their initial encounter on the set of The Young and the Restless.

You’ve encountered each other in numerous ways. “We did not collaborate as closely or for as long as that,” he told Haute Living. I was aware of her admirable characteristics, such as compassion and affability.

It was enjoyable spending time with her. However, this was not my experience. I was unable to be of assistance. What was the final straw that broke their relationship? He stated, “Timing is a significant factor.”

“I consider myself extremely fortunate not only to have found ‘the one,’ but also to have discovered her at the ideal time and place.”

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