October 23, 2021


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Why is Australia re-imposing fines despite a very small number of new cases?

Australia is cutting the curtain somewhat. As of Tuesday, July 20, the city of Adelaide, located in the south of the country, is on a list of Australian cities in Sydney and Melbourne that are subject to a control duty in dealing with the Govt-19 epidemic.

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In total, 14 out of 25 million Australians are now affected by these measures, while only a hundred new cases are diagnosed each day. Strong choice that can be explained by many factors.

Because the country is true to its “zero cases” strategy

Since the onset of the epidemic, Australia has differentiated itself with its strategy of “zero cases” or “zero covit”. The country is stuck with very few warning gates, and large cities have not hesitated to close for a renewable period of five days. A tactical choice was made: more than 32,000 diagnosed cases and a total of 914 deaths from the virus in Australia, According to the last report* Health officials of the country.

For example, in the state of South Australia, where the city of Adelaide is located, this new weekend prison, when only 14 cases of Govt-19 in the region are counted, one patient is admitted to the hospital. “We didn’t do it from the heart, but we think we have only one chance to sort it out.”, Said this Tuesday The Prime Minister of that state is Steven Marshall.

Because delta variability is increasing

Closing Australian borders will not be enough. The highly contagious SARS-Cowie-2 delta variant has been identified in Australia and continues to grow. However, the Australian government strictly restricted entry into the territory, which in principle was reserved for its compatriots, while imposing compulsory isolation on new entrants (excluding travelers). “Bubble” created with New Zealand Neighbors).

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However, several drawbacks have been identified, such as the high-level case An unannounced driver in Sydney, he observed the flight crew and tested positive for this variant of the virus in mid-June. As announced* The New York Times. If the role of delta variation in new contaminants is not yet known in Australia, it concerns the medical industry at the highest level. “The more hospitalizations we admit, the more intensive care admissions, the more patients are placed on ventilators.”, Warning* New South Wales State Health Officer Dr. Kerry Sand at a press conference on July 10.

For many observers, Australia’s good health status may work against the delta variant because the low circulation of the corona virus so far indicates a low level of natural immunity among the population.

Because the vaccine is slipping in Australia

With only 11% of the population fully vaccinated, Australia is lagging behind in its campaign. Error purchasing quantities late, Underlines the BBC*, As well as poor anticipation of domestic vaccine production. In addition, the vaccination rate is lower for the elderly. According to Official figures*, For example, only 11.9% of those aged 60-65 have received the required two doses, and this rate rises to 47.2% of those over 95, which is the most vaccinated age group.

Acceleration of vaccination of young people is also on the agenda following the attention of the authorities in New South Wales. Increase in cases* Delta variant in minors, as reported by the Australian site ABC. To boost its injection campaign, Australia wants to produce more in its soil, focusing on messenger RNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna Labs. In an effort to reverse the trend, several “mass vaccination” centers have opened across Australia in recent weeks.

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