William Hung Net Worth: What’s Going on With American Idol Now In 2022?

William Hung was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents on January 13, 1983. William feels proud of his Asian origins while being an American.

At age 11, he went to Van Nuys, California, with his parents from Sha Tin.

William’s youth is unknown; he studied civil engineering at Berkeley. He won a university talent contest by singing Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” Soon after, he saw an ad for the third season of “American Idol” and auditioned. His funny performance of “She Bangs” disqualified him but gave him a solid fanbase.

He dropped out of college to pursue a career and music, but eventually returned.


William’s short singing career is undoubtedly the highlight of his life thus far. He gained a reputation as the singer who couldn’t sing.

William auditioned for “American Idol” in San Francisco on 15 January 2004. William began his presentation by saying, “I want to make music my living.” He then sang his own version of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”

The audience booed, jeered, and laughed. Simon Cowell reportedly stated William couldn’t “sing nor dance” William’s next reply made him an internet sensation and gained him a cult following. “I gave my best and have no regrets,” he told the judge. Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul praised his optimistic attitude about the talent show judgement. William was eliminated from the show.

William’s optimism immediately gained a following. Don and Laura Chin created a fan site for William after his audition. Over four million people visited their website in one week. He used his fame to launch a short, successful singing career.

William was invited to “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “The Early Show”, “The Late Show With David Letterman” and others to talk about his journey and perform music.

He signed with Fuse Music and Koch Entertainment for video production.

“Inspiration,” his debut album, sold over 200,000 copies but garnered mixed reviews. The label published two additional albums by him. “Hung for the Holidays” sold 35,000 copies in 2004 and 7,000 in 2005. These albums underperformed despite his extensive promotion. In 2006, William hinted at further album releases, but none materialised. His fanbase shrank as quickly as it grew.


William Hung’s 2004 fame opened several doors. His film career was almost as successful as his music. He appeared in ads for “Ask.com,” “The Game Show Network,” “Cingular Wireless,” and “The Toronto Blue Jays.”

In 2004, he starred in Steve Cheng’s “Where is Mama’s Boy?” He played a singer paying off his mother’s medical bills. This movie starred Nancy Sit, but critics panned the directing, casting, acting, and setting.

William played Ting in 2008’s “Chinaman’s Chance: America’s Other Slaves.” He portrayed the same part in “Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance” ten years later.

William Hung officially retired in 2011.

Law Enforcement

In 2008, William decided to finish his degree at California State University, Northridge.

He then became a statistics analyst for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. His job was to collect and analyse statistics on county crime trends. William worked with the Sheriff’s Department until he moved on.

Public Speaking

William made motivational speaking his life’s work. He has dedicated his time and energy to filling the world’s communication gap.

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He’s a TEDx speaker who hopes to inspire people worldwide. William Hung’s memoir “Champion by Choice,” published on 3 October 2019, promotes personal development and positivity.

Family, Wife, and Kids

William Hung married Jian Teng in California on 18 June 2014. His wife is an LVN the same age as him. William tells People, “She’s a terrific wife, and I’m pleased to have someone to support me.” William has avoided the media since his wedding. He doesn’t share family or personal news online.

Style, Appearance

William is 1.68m tall and weighs 155lbs (70kgs). Black hair and eyes.

His informal attire is plain shirts and jeans. He wears suits to public speaking events.

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