With increasing pollution cases, new regulations are in place

Despite a major vaccination campaign, Israel Recorded, Tuesday, number of contaminants
Corona virus Officials said Wednesday was the highest since January when new control measures were imposed.

Re-established the duty of the Hebrew government to show Vaccination certificate or negative PCR test Visit restaurants, hotels, museums and libraries and attend cultural and sporting events.

A major vaccination campaign was launched in December

The move will also apply to places of worship for more than 50 worshipers, the health ministry said in a statement, adding that the capacity in shops and shopping centers is now limited to one person per seven square meters. In the wake of the increase in the number of patients, the Hebrew government in July removed certain measures, such as wearing masks in closed public places and offices.

Marty, More than 8,700 new patients have been identified by health officials, The maximum number since January. In June, only a few daily cases were detected. Israel was one of the first countries to launch a massive vaccination campaign in mid-December under an agreement with Pfizer, which quickly paid millions in fees in exchange for data on the outcome.

Delta variation is involved

The campaign has drastically reduced the number of cases, but contaminants have started to rise again in recent weeks. Because of the spread of delta variant in unvaccinated adults, But also in people who were vaccinated six months ago. Last week the Hebrew state began paying the third dose of the vaccine to people 50 and older, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has made the vaccine rate available to poorer countries, making it less likely that more vaccines will be available to countries.

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett responded that the administration of this booster dose in Israel, which has a population of nine million, would not affect global stocks but rather allow the testing of the 3rd dose to be effective. Naphtali Bennett warned that if the situation does not improve, a new lockout could be imposed in September, the month in which many Jewish holidays are celebrated. In all, more than 950,000 people have been affected in Israel, and nearly 6,700 of them have died. More than 5.4 million people received two doses of the vaccine and about 1.1 million people received the third dose.