Woman found in one bag from Tenerife: Her sister drowns in another bag, her father commits suicide, horrific results of investigation

The bodies of Thomas Kimeno and his daughter Anna, who have been missing since April 28, have not been found. Research has also stalled. But according to investigators, the outcome of the case is beyond doubt, according to a report sent to court in Tenerife.

Research Thomas Kimeno And his daughter elder brother, Missing since April 28, interrupted. According to investigators, they have become “impossible” in the face of the vastness of the sea, making it impossible to explore the area where the tragic events took place.

April 28, Thomas Kimeno He abducted his two daughters elder brother And Olivia, Following their separation from their mother, Beatrice Zimmerman. Thomas Kimeno Before running to his boat he had promised Beatrice that he would never see his daughters again.

On June 10, the body of 6-year-old Olivia was recovered from a bag on the beach in Tenerife. If the boat is found, both are missing.

However, the results of the trial were sent to the court Tenerf By the operational captain of the research ship “Angels Alvarino”.

Another crack and empty bag

They express it Thomas Kimeno He threw himself into the water to commit suicide after the skid boat and two oxygen cylinders were found.

According to Guardia Civil, the boat was found after a long drift following the loss of his cell phone signal. However, the engines ran again for a few minutes. According to the report, the search area was defined from there. Again, investigators think so Thomas He threw himself into the water to commit suicide.