Wpit18: What Exactly is Wpit18.com?

Wpit18.com is a website where gamers may watch real-time rooster fights. This game lasts around four to five minutes, and the rooster who is still alive at the end is the winner.

Most countries have made it illegal to fight animals and birds to kill or injure them. Surprisingly, they are still prevalent in some areas.

Wpit18.com is a World Pit Cup organization that organizes rooster fights. To fight, players bring their best roosters. This show has drawn viewers from all over the world.

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People can even play this game for free if they go to the website, log in, and enter their email addresses and other information. We are registered as soon as we provide our details, and once approved, we may begin playing. However, to play the game, you must have at least 100 points.

A video now claims that when we log in to this site, an error occurs. Our unbiased Wpit18.com Reviews can help you determine whether this site is legitimate or a scam.


  • Platform for free online gaming
  • To date, the domain has been purchased on December 19, 2020.
  • A user can participate by registering for a free account on this website.
  • Only those with 100 points are eligible to play.
  • Make money by betting on roosters.
  • This game is extremely popular in some places, such as the Philippines.
  • Facebook has a social media account.

What is the Game’s Objective?

According to wpit18 Registration, people bring roosters to battle in the open field. The player with the most roosters that are still alive at the end of each game wins. The most difficult aspect of this event is that many roosters perish in the end. Roosters are frequently injured and bleed profusely.

Many foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are currently working hard to put an end to the bloodshed. Every day, we should treat animals with respect and affection. Animals should be respected in the same way that humans are. As a result, people should consider how they would react if they were treated like roosters.

Wpit18 Specification: How Does Wpit18 Work?

This is a heinous act of violence that demonstrates how nasty individuals can be. We need to express our feelings about this competition and request that Wpit18 Registration be limited. People in the Philippines are aware of these events since they are a source of income. Both the champion and the runner-up receive large sums of money. People should not be concerned if their roosters are injured or killed during the game.

How Does Wpit18 Function?

WPC is the symbol for this. The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is the full name of the online competition that takes place in the Philippines. Many individuals participate in the competition, however before you sign up, you should be aware of the following:

  • The World Pitmasters Cup has its own set of guidelines and rules.
  • You must abide by these guidelines before you can register with wpit18.com.
  • The event is broadcast live on Wpit18.com/live/medium as soon as it starts.
  • Every action necessary to make the event happen was taken before it was broadcast.
  • Due to the popularity of this roster fight in the Philippines, it receives greater online attention on that particular day.
  • Players compete in the ring while sporting their cocks.
  • A referee allots a particular length of time for a game to produce the greatest outcomes.

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Wpit18.com Login and Registration

Wpit18 registration is simple. It is not difficult to register for Wpit18. To register for Wpit18, please follow the instructions outlined below.

  • You will be sent to “live” to access Wpit18.com.
  • Enter your “Username” and “Password,” then press the “Sign in to your account” button.
  • If you wish to create a new account, you must contact the Wpit18 team.
  • Simply click the “Contact Us” button.
  • You may now display their “Viber and WhatsApp number” on the page after clicking “Contact Us.”
  • They will then show you the way and tell you more.
  • Congrats! You’ve just logged in to your account.
  • According to one registered user, you can earn between $5,000 and $15,000.
  • Anyone, including men and women, are welcome to participate in this event.

Wpit18 Specification: How Does Wpit18 Work?

Wpit18 Registration Instructions in Detail

  • Simply follow these simple steps to register for wpit18.
  • Fill out the form at https://www.wpit18.com.
  • Create a new account.
  • Fill in the blanks with your name, phone number, and Facebook ID.
  • Fill out the form and wait for the approval.

Online Registration System

Wpit18 carries several hazards, one of which is violence against roosters. The WPC battle is not only illegal, but it is also potentially inhumane to other animals. The World Pitmasters Cup allows anyone to sign up online, making it simple for anyone to participate. Knowing everything that could go wrong is the only way to keep safe. There’s no reason to jeopardize your money, especially when you can sign up and start earning money in a matter of weeks.

Wpit18 Specification: How Does Wpit18 Work?

Wpit18.Com Registration is both safe and legal. This game site also contains games where you have to stop hens. Even though the event has its own set of rules, participants should abide by them and register with the event’s management. There are also many supporters of the WPC website. If you want to join, you should exercise extreme caution.

Top 40 Wpit18 Alternatives in 2022

Wpit18.com is the world’s largest online cockfighting event. To participate in the event, users must first register on this page. Here are some possibilities for Wpit18:

1. SL618.net

2. SL618.live

3. Mbc2030.live

4. WPC15. com

5. WPCJournal.com

6. Pitmaster. live

7. WPC2021.live

8. WPC2022.live

9. WPC2025.live

10. SL618.com

11. Sw418.com

12. S888.live

13. WPC2026.live

14. SL418.com

15. WPC2026.live

16. wpc16q.live

17. sw346. live

18.wt765. com

19. one456. com

20. SL634. live

21. Wpc2022. live

22. Sl618.live

23. Wpc15. com

24. Wpc2021. live

25. Sl618.net

26. Wpc2025.live

27. Wpc2027.live

28. Wpc16. com

28. Wpit18. com

29. Wpc2026. live

Wpit18 is It Legal?

Although the website is official, there are battles between roosters there that could result in death or serious injury. These events are prohibited in the majority of the region’s nations. It’s odd to learn that it’s still tolerated in some communities. Some NGOs and animal rights organizations don’t like how these cockfighting video games are set up, as our Wpit18.com screen demonstrates.

What do you think about the WPC? The game’s owner can also wager and win money doing so. So how can we claim that this sport is the best? Here’s how you exploit animals and birds for profit.

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