YouTube suspends Sky News Australia channel for misinformation

The YouTube channel has been criticized for airing content that calls into question the effectiveness of corona virus infections or vaccines.

With 1.86 million subscribers on YouTube, the channel, which is a subsidiary of Murdoch’s News Corp Media Group – is followed by curators across Australia. But YouTube announced on Sunday that Sky News had suspended Australia from its video-sharing site for a week due to misinformation about Covit-19. The move follows an analysis of videos uploaded by a TV channel owned by journalist Rupert Murdoch.

«We have clear principles of false information about Covit-19 (…), which prevents the spread of misinformation about the corona virus that is harmful to the real world.YouTube said in a statement.

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Content that questions the infection

His posts call into question the presence of some of these infections and the effectiveness of the vaccines, which are widely shared on social media around the world. Three days ago, the channel published a column in which a presenter known to be hostile to health restrictions, especially in Sydney, criticized the decision of the authorities to extend imprisonment. Sky News has confirmed that it has been temporarily blocked via YouTube and a spokesman channel “Supports discussions and debates on various topics and perspectives, which are essential for any democracy.

«We take seriously our commitment to editorial and meeting social expectations“There are three types of penalties on YouTube for violations: first a week’s suspension, then two weeks for repeated offenses within 90 days, and finally permanent removal from the stage. Former U.S. President Donald Trump was suspended from YouTube in early 2021. The YouTube video site Google. Owned by the parent company Alphabet.