Yumble Net Worth: What Exactly Is Yumble, and Why Did It Become So Popular?

Yumble is a subscription service for kid-friendly meal kits. There are a variety of meals that are suitable for picky eaters or youngsters with food sensitivities, and the weekly menu is extensive.

In addition, each recipe has been validated by a dietician and utilizes high-quality ingredients. This article examines Yumble in-depth to assist you to determine whether or not your children should try it.

The New Social Networking Platform Yumble.

  • For youngsters aged 1 to 12, Yumble provides a delivery service for healthful cuisine.
  • In addition to breakfast, snacks, and dinner, a variety of other menu items are provided. Each box contains unlimited meals and family-friendly activities such as sticker sheets and “table topic” discussion cards.
  • Any meal can be reheated in 90 seconds or less and consumed immediately if desired.
  • In addition to organic products and hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, only the finest ingredients are used in all of Yumble’s dishes.
  • This company labels its menu items with the specific allergens they contain for children with food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities.


  • All of Yumble’s dishes are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients.
  • Humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats are a regular element in many cuisines.

Additionally, Yumble provides a complete list of ingredients and nutritional information for each dish on its menu, as well as allergen-free options.

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Is Yumble Food Manufactured?

The Yumble kids’ meals are ready to eat in 45 to 90 seconds and can be eaten cold, at room temperature, or heated in their microwaveable containers. Less than two minutes later, he was hungry.


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Is Yumble Risk-Free?

In addition to face masks, gloves, hairnets, and food-safe air purification and cleaning procedures, our USDA-inspected facility follows stringent antimicrobial and antiviral USDA rules. However, the institution is now restricted to only essential personnel and demands routine health examinations for all of its employees.

Who Controls Yumble?

David and Joanna Parker, husband and wife co-founders who launched the company in June 2017, have generated $1.3 million in revenue since then. Joanna Parker’s experience as a mother attempting to convince her children to eat healthily sparked the idea for her company.

What Exactly Are Yumble Gifts?

Yumble is a weekly food delivery service for children that uses fresh (not frozen) products to prepare meals. Using these recipes, you may provide your child with a balanced diet without spending a lot of time planning, purchasing, and cooking.

Bethenny Frankel Participated in Yumble Investment?

Following the couple’s pitch, The Real Housewives of New York City guest shark Bethenny Frankel opted to invest in Yumble. She offered $500,000 for a six percent ownership in the business…… This means that Yumble was worth a minimum of $8.3 million to Frankel.

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What to Search for

To select a kid-friendly meal delivery service, you should look for one that offers age-appropriate meals and recipes tailored to your child’s preferences.

If your child has a food allergy, you must choose a product that complies to stringent quality regulations.


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Due to the importance of proper nutrition for a child’s growth and development, it can be useful to hire a service that provides nutritionist-designed meals for youngsters.

Consider the quality of the ingredients you’re utilising as well. Certain individuals may prefer organic products, preservatives, additives, colours, or added sugars, while others choose businesses that use solely natural components.

Given how much packing most meal delivery services include, it is essential for certain clients that the packaging they receive be recyclable or biodegradable.

How Much Is Yumble Worth in the Current Market?

Bethenny Frankel stated that Yumble has a net worth of $8.3 million. In the 10th season of the show, Joanna and David pitched Yumble to the Sharks, highlighting they’re $1.3 million in sales at the time. When the Sharks tried the chicken poppers and empanadas from Yumble, they were astounded.

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Frequent Requested Information

How Much Cash Does Yumble Have?

At the time of its introduction in the shark tank, Yumble was valued at $8.3 million. In September 2018, Sonoma Brands and others invested $8.5 million to the company’s venture capital fund. Through competition, we are able to improve ourselves.

How do the Yumble Kids make a living?

The meals are sold for a weekly or monthly subscription fee on the website “Yumblekids.com,” and this is how Yumble generates revenue. They paid between $6.9 and $7.9 for the meal, which generated sales of $1.3 million in 2018.

What Exactly Is Yumble, and Why Did It Become So Popular?

On the other side, Yumble has just received a substantial publicity boost. In a story published on June 10 by Columbia Magazine, it was designated one of eight companies that make parenting easier. The Parkers, a husband-and-wife team, presented Yumble to Shark Tank during the 10th season of the ABC reality show, which premiered on December 9, 2018.

The Bottom Line Yumble is a service that delivers freshly prepared meals to children aged 1 to 12 years old.

Those with food allergies or dietary restrictions can choose from a variety of options at this business, which employs premium ingredients.

Each meal can be prepared in less than 90 seconds, making it a great alternative for parents who wish to save time in the kitchen.

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