“A line has been crossed” for Mன்சlenchon, according to Le Pen, “everything must be done to find the path of conversation.”


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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on February 21, 2022 in the Kremlin in Moscow in support of the pro-Russian Ukrainian provinces.

On Monday, February 22, several left-wing presidential candidates called on Vladimir Putin to stand firm after his decision to recognize the independence of Ukraine’s pro-Russian separatist regions. “Rediscover conversation path” And Eric Jemmoor called “Avoid Another War”.

To the socialist Anne Hidalgo, “Vladimir Putin’s unilateral decision violates international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty.”. “France and Europe must stand united, united and determined in confronting this threat to peace in Europe.”Said on Twitter.

“Putin’s recognition of separatist organizations undermines Ukraine’s regional integrity and democracy. Not satisfied! I call for a firm and united French and European response. “Ecologist Yanik Jadot responded on the same social network.

Speaking to Christian Taubra on Twitter, “Russia chooses strength and a confidence. (…) The unity of European countries with Ukraine should not fail. Even if diplomacy continues to work ”.

Mலlenchon takes charge of Russia and Macron’s record “breaks heart”

For Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, “A line has been crossed” And “No matter what one thinks of the implicit motives or logic of the situation, it does not preclude that Russia is in fact responsible for this chapter.”. In a lengthy statementLFI candidate mentions “Macron’s heartbreaking record in this episode” And the Prime Minister asks for an explanation “In the coming hours” Before the National Assembly.

Communist Fabian Russell exploded in a tweet “The most serious and dangerous decision”Saying that “Everything must be done to defuse this war that threatens the gates of Europe.”.

Zemmour in support of the “agreement establishing the end of NATO expansion”

National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen, for his part, said Mr. Ruled that Putin’s decision. “The most regrettable act”But it is “Everything must be done to find a way out of the dialogue to ensure peace in Europe.”.

“From now on, the solution involves setting up a conference uniting the US, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the state borders of Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, Ukraine.”Estimated MMe Pen In a press release.

Caller to avoid “A whole new war”Far-right candidate Eric Zemmor already believes that the United States and the European Union will face future sanctions. “Incompetent” And will go “Against our economic interests”. In a press releaseHe thus proposes “Agreement to end NATO expansion”.

Valerie Pécresse on Monday evening has not yet responded.

Emmanuel Macron, who has held several talks in recent days to avoid a war in Ukraine, has condemned the Russian president’s decision. “Targeted European sanctions” Against Moscow, according to Elysée’s press release.

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