Ethics Policy

At Parkmapper, we are committed to providing accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased information to our readers. Our ethics policy outlines the principles and values that guide our work, and sets the standards for our journalists, writers, and editors.


We believe that accuracy is fundamental to good journalism. We strive to ensure that the information we publish is accurate and based on reliable sources. If an error is made, we will correct it promptly and transparently.

Conflict of Interest

We avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any that cannot be avoided. Our writers and editors are not permitted to accept gifts, payments, or other incentives that could compromise their judgment or integrity.


We aim to present information fairly, objectively, and without bias. Our journalists, writers, and editors are expected to maintain impartiality and to avoid conflicts of interest.


We are transparent about our methods, sources, and funding. We disclose any relevant affiliations or relationships that could influence the information we publish.


We respect the privacy of our readers and sources. We do not publish information that violates an individual’s privacy rights, unless it is in the public interest.

These principles form the foundation of our ethics policy, and our team is dedicated to upholding them in all of our work.

If you have any concerns about the ethics of our content, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your trust in Parkmapper.”