are steven and alina still together

Are Alina and Steven Still Together One Year After Marriage?


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Spoilers for the “90 Day Fiancé” show that Steven and Alina Johnston shocked their fans by posting cute, never-before-seen photos of themselves on Instagram.

On the show, things were not easy between the two. Fans didn’t like Steven because he was a liar on and off screen, and they didn’t want Alina to marry him.

 Alina And Steven Share Stunning Photos

But Alina forgave Steven, and the two of them got married in Turkey, which shocked and upset her fans. Maybe Alina saw something in Steven that fans didn’t, and that’s why she decided to give him another chance.

It also looks like the man from Utah has worked on himself to make himself a better husband for her. The couple recently shared some cute pictures from their first wedding anniversary celebration in Dubai.

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are steven and alina still together

Fans React To Alina’s New Photos

Fans wrote nice things about Alina’s looks in her comments. “You need to be modeling!” wrote one fan. Someone else said, “You’re too pretty to be married to him!” “The most beautiful,” wrote another fan. “Participant in 90 Days.”

Memphis Smith, a new member of the cast of 90 Day Fiancé, also said that Alina’s picture was beautiful.

Fans of the show have only seen Stephen with short hair in throwback photos, so this new look almost left them speechless.

They couldn’t say what they thought, though, because he only allowed a limited number of comments on the post.

Most people didn’t expect to see a revealing picture of Alina because she usually wears modest clothes when she posts on Instagram. Fans would have loved to see a picture of the two of them together. Maybe that will make them see their relationship differently.

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Social media clues suggest Steven and Alina are still together

Maybe Steven and Alina will stay together until death separates them. In an Instagram Live video he posted last month, Steven said that the time difference between where he was and the United States was eight hours. This showed that he was still living abroad, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

And Reality Tidbit says that both Steven and Alina recently tagged themselves in Instagram posts as being in Greece, and Alina’s post from Santorini seems to show that they got together.

are steven and alina still together

“My life was very different not long ago. She wrote, “Totally normal.” “But I did what my heart told me to do, and now things couldn’t be better. Follow your heart, I tell anyone who feels like they are missing out on something.

Alina might just be following her heart on her own, though… So, we’ll have to keep watching to see how things go between her and Steven.

Alina and Steven Get Married in Turkey

Steven and Alina finally got married. The couple had a long way to go. During their two-and-a-half months in Turkey, they almost broke up.

Steven told the truth about the sexual encounters he’s had in the past and how he hasn’t lived up to the standards of the LDS church.

Alina and Steven only had a short time to get married before their visas ran out, so they planned their wedding quickly. Neither of their families could come, so Steven brought the stray cats from the neighborhood that Alina had grown close to while she was there for the wedding.

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On December 16, Alina put a lot of photos of herself and Steven on her Instagram Story. To mark their first wedding anniversary, they took a trip to Dubai.

Alina wore a beautiful, detailed traditional Turkish wedding dress that was different from what Russians and Americans expected. The Cliffs of Antalya and the sea made a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steven and Alina still in Turkey?

Another fan asked Alina what she was looking forward to in the future, to which she joked, “Going to the US and hanging out with you.” While Alina and Steven are currently living in Turkey, where they were married, the couple does not plan to remain in the country permanently.

What did Steven do to Alina?

Steven’s marriage to Alina has taken a bad turn. On Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all episode, Steven admitted to shocking behavior, including sending sexual messages to multiple women online and asking Alina for a threesome.

What secrets did Steven keep from Alina?

“For me, the hardest part about my religion has been the law of chastity and it’s just something that I am very tempted by, and something that I have struggled with,” he said. “One thing that I still need to tell Alina is that I am not a virgin and that I’ve had sexual relationships in the past.


Steven and Alina Johnston shocked their fans by posting never-before-seen photos of themselves. The couple recently shared some cute pictures from their first wedding anniversary celebration.

Maybe Alina saw something in Steven that fans didn’t, and she decided to give him another chance.

Alina and Steven almost broke up during their two-and-a-half-month wedding trip. They were married in Turkey before their visas ran out, so they had to fast-track the wedding.

In Instagram posts, both Steven and Alina appear to be in Greece. On December 16, Alina and Steven celebrated their first wedding anniversary in Dubai.

The couple is currently living in Turkey, where they were married. Steven admitted to shocking behavior on his 90 Day Fiancé tell-all episode. He asked Alina for a threesome and sent sexual messages online.