As Russian troops advance towards Kiev, the world is worried


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Ukrainian military vehicles pass through Independence Square in central Kiev on February 24, 2022.

On the eve of the second day of the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, the picture drawn by various heroes on Friday, February 25 is disturbing. The air and ground attack was planned and described by Moscow “Success” The Russian Ministry of Defense has already caused dozens of deaths and caused a stir in the international community, especially on the Western side.

Two large bombs exploded in the center of Kiev on Friday morning. According to Western military sources, the Russian military, a “Total air superiority” In Ukraine, with the intention of approaching Kiev “Behead the government” Establish pro-Ukrainian and pro-Moscow governments there.

In 1986, the worst nuclear accident in history, the Chernobyl power plant fell into the hands of Russian soldiers. Moscow forces also attacked the Antonov military airport in Kostomal, and fighting continued at the gates of Kiev – the capital was subject to a curfew – at the end of the day. The airport could become a hub if the Russian military wants to encircle the capital.

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  • The President of Ukraine laments that his country is isolated

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has expressed regret. In a video on Friday morningKiev found itself “Lonely” Against the Russian army.

“Who is ready to fight with us? I do not see anyone. Who is ready to guarantee Ukraine NATO membership? Everyone is scared.”

The presidential decree, Thursday evening, ordered a general mobilization of those involved “For those who make military compulsions and reservations”Within 90 days in all parts of the country.

At least 137 Ukrainians have been killed and 316 wounded since the start of the Russian invasion. Zhelensky announced. Moreover, he noted that the country’s communications seem to be working and a cyber attack may come in to disable them in the next phase of the attack.

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President Zhelensky has announced that he does not want to leave Kiev. “According to the information available to us, the enemy has identified me as Target No. 1 and my family as Target No. 2.”He added.

  • A portion of the deported population

Since early Thursday morning, residents of Kiev have gathered on the metro for shelter or tried to leave the city; Cars full of families leaving the capital created huge traffic congestion.

On the station platform at the Gramadorsk in the Donetsk region waiting for the train to Kiev on February 24, 2022.

On the main roads of the East, the Ukrainian army was everywhere. A civil defense official said the evacuation of civilians was hampered by heavy artillery fire and poor communication.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says about 100,000 people in Ukraine have fled their homes and thousands more have fled their country.

  • Western military forces were mobilized

Avoid the extension of this conflict“Other European countries”Against the warning of German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, the military forces of NATO member states have been placed on high alert, and some factions are moving to strengthen the eastern part of the coalition, as announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday night. For Friday.

“France will continue to play its full role in reassuring NATO allies by sending a new delegation to Estonia, looking forward to participating in the Baltic sky guard from March.”The head of state made the announcement at the end of an exceptional meeting of EU (EU) leaders in Brussels and ahead of a NATO summit dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

America will protect “Every inch of NATO territory”, President Joe Biden promised. But they will not send troops to Ukraine, he said. However, the Pentagon will send another 7,000 troops to Germany.

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Vladimir Putin on Thursday stressed that his country is one “World’s Largest Nuclear Powers”. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian made the announcement in response to TF1. [le président russe] It should also be understood that the Atlantic Alliance [OTAN] Nuclear Alliance.

Shortly afterwards, during his nightly intervention, Emmanuel Macron considered it useful to retain the option of negotiating with Moscow to end his offensive in Ukraine. “Transparent, Direct, Quick Transfer” With Vladimir Putin.

  • New sanctions against Russia

Twenty-seven EU member states have approved new sanctions against Russia, targeting the finance, energy and transport sectors. “Massive Implications”According to their report.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, described the Council of Europe’s activities in four elements:

  • Finance (reducing access to major capital markets)
  • Energy (Russia bans oil exports)
  • Air (Prohibition on sale of all aircraft, spare parts and equipment to Russian airlines)
  • Technology (limited access to important technologies “Such as semiconductors or advanced technologies”)

These restrictions did not go as far as some observers expected. Swift in particular did not immediately exclude Russia from the banking networkThis makes it possible to receive or deliver money worldwide.

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For his part, Joe Biden, for whom Vladimir Putin will be “A Baria on the International Scene”, Imposed restrictions on the export of technology products to Russia. Number two of the Russian embassy in Washington was evacuated and twenty-four Belarusian individuals and companies were convicted of involvement in the invasion of Ukraine.

The United States and Albania have strongly condemned Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and called for a referendum on Friday at the UN (UN) Security Council on the immediate withdrawal of troops from the country.

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For its part, China, which maintains close ties with Moscow, also said it would follow suit “From close” Status and call “Control of all parties”.

  • Rallies in support of Ukraine

Anti-war demonstrations took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Nearly 1,400 people were arrested across Russia, according to OVD-Info, a specialized NGO.

Rallies in support of Ukraine took place around the world, in Warsaw, Prague and elsewhere. In front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin, a protester held up a sign: “Stop this madness, save lives, no more lies”.

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Hundreds of people had gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Paris, Including several candidates, including ecologist Yannick Jodot or former Justice Minister Christian Toubra in the April presidential election. About 2,800 protesters gathered at the end of the day in the Place de la Republic, according to the Prefecture of Police.

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