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Will the Original ‘Descendants’ Cast Return For Season 4? What They’ve Said


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Would the original Descendants cast members ever return to Auradon for a reunion? Since then, several of the former Disney Channel stars have expressed their thoughts on the likelihood of a sequel to the film.

Among those who appeared in the musical film franchise were Dove Cameron (Mal), Sofia Carson (Evie), Booboo Stewart (Jay), and the late Cameron Boyce (Carlos), who played the children of famous Disney villains — Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella de Vil — who leave their home on the Isle of the Lost to attend school in Auradon, where all of the Disney Princesses’ children reside.

Descendants 4

Cast of Descendants 4

In the film, Sofia Carson will portray the character of Evie.

Jay is played by Booboo Stewart.

Ben will be played by Mitchell Hope.

China Uma is played by Anne McClain.

In the film, Jane will be played by Brenna D’Amico.

Chad Charming in the person of Jedidiah Goodacre.

“It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end.” It was my very first job, and it was also my very first movie… I consider it to be one of the greatest honours of my life to have played Evie and to be a part of the Star Wars universe.

We’ve had the honour of making a difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of children. As she said on The Zach Sang Show in April 2020, “It’s part of Disney history, and we will forever be a part of this fantasy.” With so many descendants, it’s possible that this might carry on forever in such a large cosmos. As far as the original descendants are concerned, I’m not sure whether there are any more.

It’s difficult for us to conceive completing anything without Cameron’s assistance. That’s where our hearts are, but it’s also a place where we can use our imaginations to the fullest. “I can’t even think about it because it’s too tough to contemplate.”

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“Fans have been begging for another chapter since since Descendants 3 came out, and I believe this seemed like the appropriate way to deliver it,” the singer concluded.

A number of fans rushed to social media after the broadcast of the Descendants: The Royal Wedding special, in which the ending sequence was interpreted as a teaser for the start of a new chapter in the Descendants series by some viewers. Despite the fact that Sofia isn’t sure what will happen next in the film series, she did affirm that she would be interested in doing further films.

Extra magazine published an interview with the actress in January 2022 in which she discussed why the Descendants universe was so appreciated by so many people. “As far as I’m aware, that chapter has come to an end for the time being. Just the thought of doing it without Cameron makes me nauseous.”

Descendants 4

Bringing The Cast Back Together

According to Dove, a film without Cameron would be “very, extremely difficult” for the ensemble to put together. Dove spoke about the project in a July 2020 edition of the podcast “Chicks in the Office.”

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In some ways, I’m sure there will be a part of us that feels very healing and very much like we’re returning home… This is a very personal type of event, so I believe it would be therapeutic to return to it in a way that felt like a homecoming, but I also think it would be quite difficult, and I’m not sure whether we’d be able to handle it.”

I’m Reprising My Role As Evie.

“It would be such an honour to be able to continue that narrative,” Sofia said exclusively to J-14 magazine in July 2020. I’ve received so much from Evie, and she’s been a gift that keeps on giving. “She gives so much happiness to my life, and I would love to have her as a friend.”

There’s More to Discover.

“I believe that everyone would welcome the continuation of the brand. What is the major plotline, given that it has just been a few days? Is it a continuation of the previous storyline?’ Variety reported in July 2020 that Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music & Soundtracks at Disney Channel, has joined the company. “I feel that everyone believes in the strength of the Descendants franchise, but they also believe in the possibilities.” “There’s a lot to discover and discover we will.”

The Next Chapter of Audrey’s Story

“This is such an interesting universe that they’ve constructed. According to Sarah Jeffery, speaking to Entertainment Tonight in July 2020, “there are so many potential ideas.” In my opinion, not only might a Descendants 4 occur, but so could a Descendants spinoff, which would introduce new characters, including daughters and sons of princesses and princes and other antagonists.

There are literally many alternatives for you there. I will be always grateful to Descendants and the family I formed there, as well as the experiences I experienced, and I would want to be able to do something to give back.”

Vaudrey, the Actress’s Fictional Persona, Was Also Discussed.

“It’s almost like she’s been through everything.” The actress said, “She’s been the cruel girl, she’s been the heartbroken girl, and I just sort of want to see her make friends with people,” she said of the character. “If Audrey were to appear in another version of Descendants or another film, I believe it would be good for her to finally have a female friend. It would be pleasant and refreshing. “I believe that would be fantastic.”

Descendants 4


Doing It Alone Rather Than With Cameron.

“What occurred was so very heart breaking for all of us, and it was something we were never able to recover from,” Dove revealed to HollywoodLife in December of this year. I believe that the concept of developing a sequel, although it would be nostalgic for all of us and soothing in many ways, may also be very misguided.

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” In other words, it may go either way, and it will all depend on how we’re all feeling. However, I believe that one of the most wonderful things that Disney has done is to establish a safe environment for the cast to be themselves, no matter where they are. They cancelled everything when Cameron passed away, and I know they want what is in the best interests of everyone, so we’ll see what happens. “I have my doubts, but we’ll see.”