Direct crisis in Ukraine: Russian troops “prepare for attack”, according to Washington


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  • Westerners have been worried for weeks about the dangers of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. More than 100,000 soldiers were concentrated on the border of this country. Moscow reiterated that it was beginning to withdraw its troops.
  • A new tense chapter has arisen with Blast in eastern Ukraine, The Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists are blaming each other. One soldier is believed to be dead, Kiev said.
  • On Friday, Joe Biden said he was “certain” that Russia could attack Ukraine and its capital, Kiev, “in the coming days.”
  • Emmanuel Macron called on Brussels on Friday to “stop military operations” in eastern Ukraine. He is due to speak to Vladimir Putin on the phone on Sunday. On Saturday, G7 foreign ministers were also in Munich to discuss the crisis.

Follow the events of the day live:

3:23 pm Germany calls on its citizens to leave Ukraine “urgently”.

2:39 pm Germany withdraws from US engagement. While its US ally imagines an immediate Russian invasion of Ukraine, Berlin insists on restraint and encourages its camp not to “speculate” on Moscow’s results. “In crisis situations, it is a very bad thing to try to guess or predict what will happen,” said Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach after the G7 summit, calling the situation on the ground “important for a closer look”. Germany currently holds the G7 chairmanship.

2:23 pm Pécresse wants “tough sanctions” against Russia. The LR presidential candidate believes that in order to put an end to “acts of aggression” against Ukraine, it is necessary to hold a “firm speech” against Russia and threaten with “tough sanctions”. “If the aggression against Ukraine continues, tough sanctions will be needed,” he said French culture. This requires dialogue but also a balance of power. ⁇

1:56 pm Boris Johnson’s warning. The British Prime Minister has warned: British sanctions would make it “impossible” for Moscow to use the British financial center in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We will” open “Russian toys of Russian-owned companies” until we find the final beneficiaries, “he warned. “As I said to President Putin during our last meeting, we in the UK hope that more diplomacy and dialogue can succeed.”

1:19 pm From low and low imaginary growth to bad outcomeUkraine is “preparing for every possible scenario,” its diplomatic leader Dmitry Kuleba said on Saturday.

13 hours. Boris Johnson calls on allies to “unite.” The British Prime Minister released a speech from his plane to Munich on Saturday morning in which he encouraged his Western camp unity. He declared that if the invasion of Ukraine took place, “we will witness the destruction of a democratic state,” he stressed that we should expect “false assertions” on the part of Russia. “We do not fully understand President Putin’s intentions, but the omens are dark,” he said.

12:48 pm China engages. Russia’s concerns over the Ukraine crisis must be “respected,” the head of Chinese diplomacy declared at the height of tensions.

12:24 pm Moscow confirms its missile launch. The Kremlin says it fired “ballistic and cruise” missiles during exercises this Saturday morning under the supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Noon. NATO is in the process of integrating itself into the West. US Vice President Kamala Harris has promised during a speech at the Munich Security Conference that NATO will strengthen itself in Eastern Europe in the event of a Russian attack. “We will not stand for economic activity. We will further strengthen our NATO allies in the East,” he said.

11:55 am Russian troops prepare to “attack” Ukraine. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says the Russian offensive is imminent. “They are being stationed and preparing for a strike,” the U.S. official said, adding that the Russian military was “moving to the right level to carry out the attack.”

11:50 am Putin is under attack. The Russian president is currently launching “strategic” military exercises with ballistic missiles from Belarus.

11:24 am Waterless genocide charge? According to German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, the allegations leveled by Vladimir Putin are “ridiculous” for the alleged “genocide” perpetrated against citizens of pro-Russian separatist Ukrainian regions.

10:44 am Russia will have “more NATO” if it seeks “less NATO”. NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg reaffirms the “unattainable” commitment of coalition members to protect each other, warning that “more NATO” is possible only if Russia seeks “less NATO” on its borders. “Moscow is trying to rebuild its sphere of influence by going back in history,” Jens Stoltenberg said in a speech at the Munich Security Conference, but added that “we are all NATO allies.

10:34 am Emergency situation in the Russian territory on the border with Ukraine. “In view of the increasing number of visitors, it seems appropriate for us to introduce a state of emergency,” said Vasily Kolubev, governor of the Rostov region, quoted by Russian press.

10:27 am “Together we will achieve the desired and desired success. We will protect Donbass and all Russian people, “said Denis Bushlin, head of the Donetsk” Republic. “

10:09 am “I invite my fellow bookmakers to report to the Army Compulsory Offices”. Leaders of pro-Russian separatists declare a “general mobilization”. Today I have signed the General Mobilization Order, “Donetsk” Republican “leader Denis Bushlin announced in a video announcement a few minutes later. Called for mobilization. An attack “.

10:06. Vladimir Putin’s Saturday. The Russian president is now overseeing large-scale military maneuvers, including firing ballistic and cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The exercises will mobilize troops from the Southern Army District, the Air Force, the Northern and Black Sea Fleet and the “Strategic Forces”. The latter includes intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic bombers, submarines, surface ships and naval aircraft carrying conventional missiles. According to a Kremlin spokesman, this is a “routine training process”.

9:59. Russia is making a “blatant attempt to rewrite the rules of international order.”. These are the words of Ursula Von Der Leyen, head of the European Commission, which condemns the alliance between China and Russia to impose “the law of the powerful.” The European leader believes the maneuver will cost Russia a “prosperous future.”

9:55 am Kiev’s request for financial and military assistance. The President of Ukraine will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes and US Vice President Kamala Harris in Munich, the Presidential Secretariat said. “Volodymyr Zelensky expects firm agreements on providing our country with additional military and financial support”, according to the same source.

9:51 am The situation is “completely under control”, Refers to the post of President of Ukraine, which explains that the crisis did not change the plan of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. The latter maintains his planned trip to the Munich Conference on Saturday, his cabinet notes. The head of state must return to Kiev on the same day.

9:45 am One soldier was killed, a serious ceasefire violation. Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian separatists blame each other this Saturday Serious ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army recorded 66 mortar fires of 82 and 110 mm caliber, especially in the frontier cities until 07:00, a particularly high number.

At least one Ukrainian soldier was killed by the pieces. However, the Ukrainian armed forces said in a statement that they were “controlling the situation” and “continuing their mission to prevent Russia’s armed aggression.”

9:40 am Macron will talk to Putin on the phone. Elysee said on Friday evening that French President Emmanuel Macron would speak by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday and with Ukrainian Volodymyr Zhelensky on Saturday that he would “try again to avoid the worst in Ukraine.” We must “try everything, do everything we can to prevent the worst,” not only to provoke Kiev to “risk the Russian invasion of government-controlled Ukrainian territory,” but also to overthrow the French presidency. Russian separatist territories in eastern Ukraine.

Joe Biden “confirmed” the impending attack at 9:30 p.m. The U.S. president said Friday he was “optimistic.” Vladimir Putin “decided” to invade Ukraine, although he said it was “not too late” for diplomacy. “We have reason to believe that Russian forces will attack Ukraine (…) in the coming days,” the US president said in a statement from the White House. “I’m sure he made the decision. We have reason to think so.” “We think they will target Kiev, a city of 2.8 million innocent people,” he added.

9:20 am US Alerts. Across the Atlantic, Warning speeches follow each other The Russian invasion of this former Soviet republic, divided between pro-Western and pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region, seems inevitable. Earlier this year, US intelligence warned that Russia was stepping up preparations for a full-scale invasion.

9:10 am Memory of Crimea, 2014. The memory of Merger of Crimea with RussiaThe withdrawal from Ukraine in a month during the military operation in 2014 is on everyone’s mind.

9 hours. A long-running crisis. Ukrainian crisis At the center of all the debate, on a weekly basis, Between Russia and the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear: Russia’s “little sister” to Ukraine wants to bring Ukraine into the Russian alliance, excluding it from the US – dominated Atlantic Alliance NATO. He wants a pledge from NATO to stop any expansion in the East, even beyond Ukraine.