Direct war in Ukraine: Ukrainian delegation wants to negotiate humanitarian corridors with Russia

Direct war in Ukraine: Ukrainian delegation wants to negotiate humanitarian corridors with Russia


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The Ukrainian delegation wants to hold talks with Russia on “humanitarian corridors”

“In two hours, we will start (negotiations). Minimum project: Humanitarian corridors. The rest depends on the situation, ”said David Arakamiya, one of the Ukrainian negotiators on Facebook.


Toyota and Volkswagen have suspended operations in Russia

Citing “supply chain disruptions” related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Japanese manufacturer will suspend production from Friday “until further notice”, as well as its imports. For its part, Volkswagen announces that it will “interfere with exports to Russia with immediate effect” represented by sales of 220,000 units and 2.4% by 2020, with deliveries to dealers already at an end. ‘Stopped.

The group will close its two bases in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod “until further notice”, employing about 4,000 people who will be paid under partial unemployment.


The nuclear threat weighs on “humanity as a whole,” according to the UN

“The Russian Federation’s military offensive in Ukraine has opened a new and dangerous chapter in world history,” said Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. “Raising the level of warning for nuclear weapons underscores the seriousness of the dangers facing humanity as a whole,” he added.


Costex: “We are not in the logic of war”

Explaining the French strategy in the face of the Russian invasion to TF1 News: “Our logic is not the logic of war, but the logic of expansion. But there is no denying that it is very difficult.


Jean Castex: “The situation on the ground is undeniably very unfavorable”

“President Putin spoke for more than an hour and a half at Putin’s request,” Jean-Costex declared, questioning the TF1 newspaper. “The situation on the ground is undeniably very unfavorable,” he lamented, recalling the night’s bombings with “civilian motives”. He added that Putin and Macron had “mentioned” the humanitarian situation, but that the Russian president was “sticking to his position of militarizing Ukraine, which is unacceptable.”


IAEA calls on Moscow to suspend operations against nuclear sites

The UN nuclear watchdog on Thursday adopted a resolution calling on Russia to “immediately suspend operations against Ukrainian nuclear sites.” According to the IAEA, the Russian invasion “poses a serious and direct threat to the security of these places and their personnel”, “the risk of a nuclear accident or incident endangering the population of Ukraine, neighboring states and the international community”.


The Ukrainian delegation is going to negotiate with Moscow

After the first day of talks, Kiev and Moscow are set to begin new talks on Thursday. “On the way to talks with the Russian Federation. Already in helicopters,” wrote Mikhail Podoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, who tweeted a photo of himself in a military uniform, with parliamentary official David Arakamiya, in the cabin’s cabin.


The IAEA has called for a halt to action against nuclear sites

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has called for a “halt to action” against nuclear sites.


UNICEF is requesting a donation of மில்லியன் 400 million

UNICEF launches Request donations to help the Ukrainian people, Especially children, and puts the most “immediate” needs in the face of a humanitarian crisis at 400 400 million. “The situation is serious and we need to mobilize groups when it is difficult for Ukrainians to get help,” said Philip Cory, UNICEF’s deputy regional director for Europe.


Why Russia jumped on the cryptocurrency


F1 terminates contract with Russian Grand Prix advertiser

The promoter of the Formula 1 World Championship has announced that he will be abruptly terminating his contract with its promoter. Russian Grand Prix. Formula 1 can ensure that Russia breaks its contract with the Grand Prix promoter, meaning that Russia will have no future races, “said F1 advertiser Formula One.


Macron spoke with Putin

President Emmanuel Macron spoke with his Russian envoy, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday, and then announced the Elysee with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.


The animals were deported from Ukraine to Poland

A spokesman for the Bosnan Zoo in the west of the country announced that six lions and six tigers had been evacuated to Poland this morning from an abused animal shelter near Kiev, which arranged their reception.

According to the zoo, the Ukrainian truck, which had traveled nearly a thousand kilometers from Kiev to cross the area of ​​Zytomir, which had been bombed by Russian forces, was carrying two caracals and a wild dog.


Ikea suspends operations in Russia

The Swedish furniture is huge It has announced that it will close its operations in Russia and Belarus, affecting nearly 15,000 employees, 17 stores and three production sites.

“The war has a huge human impact and translates into serious disruptions in the production and trade chain, which is why the group companies have decided to suspend Ikea’s operations in Russia,” the group said.


The European Union aims to provide temporary protection for refugees

At a meeting in Brussels, European interior ministers hoped it could be accepted “in a few days”. Provision of temporary protection for Ukrainians Fleeing the war. Twenty-seven members of the “majority” on Sunday voted in favor of a plan to provide temporary protection for refugees beyond 90 days of visa-free stay for Ukrainian passport holders in the European Union.


“Protect civilians”, UN calls for humanitarian assistance

“For God’s sake, To protect the public In Ukraine and “Let’s do our job”, begs the head of the UN Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainian and especially Russian militant groups. Martin Griffiths, in Geneva, told AFP: “Now that we have the resources to do that, we need the parties to the conflict to do so and to fulfill their responsibilities under international humanitarian law.”


The bells of Notre Dame de Paris will ring “Peace in Europe”

The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, like other cathedrals in Europe, will ring the bell to “call for peace in Europe” at noon. Bumblebee, nicknamed “Emmanuel”, has not been heard since October 2020 to pay tribute to the victims of the attack on the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice.


$ 1.5 billion raised for emergency aid

More than a week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the expression of solidarity continues. Currently, the UN has already raised $ 1.5 billion Emergency assistanceSays UN humanitarian leader.


“The occupier can not defeat us,” Volodymyr Zhelensky promises

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky “The invader can not defeat us,” he assured himself in a video. “We have tried several times to remove ourselves from the map, but we are still standing. They wanted us to remain calm, but we will continue to talk. Russia will pay for all the damage done to Ukraine, while at the same time promising to” rebuild every building destroyed by the Russian strikes. “


Facebook, Dictoc, Twitter … How war is explained on networks


The euro is the lowest against the pound

Affected by its geographical proximity to the war zone, the European currency has fallen to its lowest level since June 2016 against the pound. Brexit vote82.83 pence per euro.


Russian diplomacy accuses the West of thinking of a “nuclear war.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the West of thinking about a “nuclear war.” “NATO is showing a stubborn desire to maintain its dominance in the world,” he continued at a news conference.


The Brent barrel has reached a record close of $ 120

The Oil prices They resumed their madness. The U.S. WTI crossed $ 115 a barrel at about 9 a.m., a record since 2008. In detail, the Brent crude for Europe crude rose 3.12% to $ 116.45 a barrel after rising to $ 119.84 a barrel from the North Sea. Has not reached the $ 120 limit since 2012.


Fitch and Moody’s downgrade Russia


The French economy will be affected

President Emmanuel Macron has warned the French: their lives will be permanently affected Crisis in Ukraine. Rising prices of energy, raw materials and agricultural products promise that the next few months will be tough for the portfolio. Read our encryption in the title.