Donald Trump was counting on 2022 before the 2024 presidential election, and it is starting to get worse


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Kevin Lamarck via Reuters

Trump wanted to mark his political rebirth in 2022. It Starts Bad (Illustration, September 2017)

UNITED STATES – He expects to use this year as the tastiest of 2024, but it’s off to a bad start. One year later 2021 was marked by it Leaving the White House – almost tied arm and leg Then Joe Biden wins presidencyDonald Trump aims to begin his return to the political scene in 2022.

The midterm elections in November will allow Americans to vote to retain or renew the 435 elected members of the House of Representatives and a third of its 100 senators. President.

Especially the first Everything is not right for the Democrats: Despite numerous developments and economic indicators turning green, Fiden is embroiled in opinion polls, so his party is worried about losing its narrow majority in the lower and upper houses of Congress in the November referendum. Then look at Biden’s paralysis throughout his tenure … and his defeat in the 2024 presidential election.

Until recently, if the Republicans remained united behind Donald Trump and offered better opportunities for the upcoming election, this conservative coalition would begin to split. The former star of reality TV is hovering over personal setbacks. What has paved the way for its possible launch pad in the hope that the Oval Office will rest its boxes?

Capitol attack

A file that followed him before he left the White House, and received a second indictment for “inciting the uprising,” appears that the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 seems to drown Trump a little more. Progress and time go by.

The parliamentary inquiry into the matter reveals disgusting elements day by day and slowly but surely paints a picture of a president who is ready to do anything to stick to power: a draft order ordering the military to seize election machines and deliberately torn documents …

At a meeting in Texas in late January, the second in 15 days, Trump did not help his case by causing unrest even within his party. “If I appear (in 2024, Editor’s note), And victories, we will justify January 6. “

Even his closest allies, such as the radical conservative Lindsay Graham, are on the offensive. The senator hastened to describe these promises of apology as “irrelevant.” Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, soon opposed it. “It is a violent uprising that aims to prevent the transfer of power between one administration and another after a formal election,” he said. (Video below).

“Mitch McConnell did not speak for the party or represent the views of the majority of his members. He did nothing to fight for his constituents and prevent the biggest voter fraud in American history. ” The exchange of views between a former president and party leader in the Senate, whose vigor was unprecedented, particularly the public radio NPR notes.

Divide among Republicans

Other reports also expose tensions between the Conservatives. A few days after the meeting, the turn came to revolt, especially against former US Vice President Trump. During a speech in Florida, Mike Pence denied the allegations against the former Republican president, arguing that he could have prevented Joe Biden’s victory certificate from being elected vice president on January 6, 2021.

“President Trump said I have the right to change the election, but President Trump is doing something wrong,” he said in a rare assertion. “And, honestly, there is no less American idea than the idea that only one person can elect a president,” he charged.

We can not be loyal to Donald Trump when he was in power, Mike Pence already clashed with his president, but never directly. And it says it all that he did not refuse to run for the White House even in the face of his former boss.

Many elected Republicans agree with the same criticisms and join hands with Democrats in a bill that would prevent any election from being reversed in a matter of weeks or prevent such an election bazaar from happening again.

The demons of the presidency

All this counts other businesses related to the Trump presidency. Like the highly questionable management of the official documents of the former head of state who has been the center of many investigations for weeks. The former president has been repeatedly accused of deliberately neglecting some of his documents before being transferred to the U.S. National Archives from the 1978 law.

The federal agency had to travel to Florida to collect fifteen boxes of documents that Donald Trump had taken with him when he left Washington in January 2021. In these boxes, the letters of Barack Obama and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the map of the map is subject to hot exchanges with the US Weather Service, but according to Washington PostMany documents are referred to as “confidential-security”.

The National Archives revealed that the former president had a habit of tearing up some of his work documents and had another practice that was contrary to the 1978 law. Officials said, “The others just left. Emails, letters and other working documents should be sent to the company responsible for keeping all of them.

A journalist New York Times In an upcoming book, the president promises that he suspects White House staff will find papers that are usually clogged in toilets and want to remove documents. (Area above).

Legal and technical issues

For Donald Trump, there is no doubt that these various cases are only “witch hunts”, one of his favorite expressions in the face of numerous accusations that fall on his back. Their goal? To divert attention from the “terrible situation in which the Biden administration has engulfed our country,” he promises. But it is not only parliamentary commissions and the country’s institutions that are making the start of 2022 a less pleasant experience than expected. In early February, his longtime accounting firm acquitted him, claiming that the financial statements he had issued a decade ago were unreliable.

The group no longer wants to have any connection with the Trump organization, which is subject to numerous investigations: possible tax evasion across the New York state and another culprit led by a Manhattan prosecutor. The most common legal issues, Trump and his two children were ordered to appear there as witnesses on February 17And it complicates the second race for the White House, making the party interested around it as skeptical as possible.

And the projects launched during his political retirement are not even at their peak. Its own social network is still several weeks away from becoming fully operational. Still banned from Twitter and Facebook, he wanted to launch his “social reality” site in January (unable to meet the first deadline set in November 2021). A few users were able to download the app for a few hours this Monday, February 21st, but all Americans who wish to do so by the end of March will be able to use it.

If “Truth Social” promises to block all censorship in a way that allows for “truth”, then Apple, Google or Amazon, and again, apps must do everything they can to find a way to properly evaluate its content. Most smartphone users are not barred from downloading. Like the “Parlor” site, many Trump fans discussed conspiracy theories, white supremacy and other extremist issues.

Therefore, some more work needs to be done before Donald Trump can isolate the wave of conservatism that is disrupting the midterm elections and field him in the 2024 presidential election.

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