Free land twins short agent Carlos Correa in a staggering $105.3 million deal for three years

Free land twins short agent Carlos Correa in a staggering $105.3 million deal for three years



The Twins made a shocking move early in the morning on Saturday, bringing shortlisted star Carlos Correa to Minnesota in a huge deal.

A source confirmed that the largest free agent has a three-year deal worth $105.3 million with opting out after 2022 and 2023 to become a free agent again. His average annual salary of $36 million would make him the highest paid player in MLB and the fourth highest overall player.

Shortstop has been a glaring area of ​​need for the twins in this off season, and it’s their biggest priority along with merchandising. Korea became an All-Star twice with the Houston Astros. The 27-year-old won the controversial 2017 World Series Championship with the team and earned accolades such as AL Rookie of the Year in 2015 and Gold Glove in 2021.

The Puerto Rican native had a 0.981 field percentage and 0.279 batting average last season.

Korea’s arrival means the twins will take home two top picks in the 2012 draft; Correa was first picked overall by the Astros, before Byron Buxton was chosen. Now they are both with twins on contracts worth nine figures.

Korea is a career .277 hitter with a .850 on a plus percentage lag basis. He hit 0.279 last season with 26 home points and 92 RBI. His best season was 2017, when he was his first All-Star hit .315 with 24 homers, 84 RBI and .941 OPS.

The addition of Correa means that recently acquired Gio Orchila will likely be a Opening Day starter at third base, his best position.

The twins have been linked with Trevor Staub’s short-lived free-agent story in recent weeks with no indications Correa has been on their radar. Indications were that the Astros were paying to keep him, but news emerged around 1 a.m. Saturday that Correa was headed to Minnesota instead.