Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin accept summit proposed by Emmanuel Macron


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Emmanuel Macron He continues to play the diplomatic card over the phone. The French president spoke again Vladimir Putin One hour on Sunday evening, for the second time on. Elysee announced that he had previously spoken with US President Joe Biden.

As part of a series of talks between heads of state to avoid an armed conflict in the country, the head of state has already held nearly two hours of talks with his Russian prime minister this afternoon.Ukraine.

All these discussions led to a surprising announcement on Sunday evening: Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden Emmanuel Macron agreed to meet at the proposed summit. However, the White House has imposed a condition: an “invasion” of Ukraine should not take place until then. Elise noted that the palace talks would then be extended to “all stakeholders” in crisis.

Blinken-Lavrov meeting on Thursday

The United States is committed to “continued diplomacy,” but White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “If Russia chooses war, we are ready for immediate and serious consequences.” Nothing has been done yet, because, according to her, “at present, The Russia It looks like it will soon begin its preparations for a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

Evidence that things are moving forward: The first deadline has already been set. Elise said the content of the summit would be prepared during a meeting scheduled for next Thursday by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. In order for his mediation to succeed, Emmanuel Macron, in his interview with Vladimir Putin, stressed the importance of a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.