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The President of Ukraine indicated that he had agreed to hold talks with Russia on the fourth day of the Russian offensive on Sunday, February 27th. These talks, Without preconditions Will take place on the border with Belarus near Chernobyl. The capital, Kiev, seems to oppose Russian progress and is slow. The Extraordinary General Assembly of the United Nations will be held on Monday, February 28th.

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After Fierce fights Especially KharkovUkraine’s second-largest city in the northeast of the country says Ukrainian forces have regained control after Russian armor entered overnight. The weak hope of a ceasefire was born After the announcement of Russian-Ukrainian talks on the Belarusian border.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday ” Russian military deterrents under special war alert regime “, It’s relevant Nuclear forcesCall ” NATO’s militant statements “And Penalties” Irregular Imposed on Russia.

This warning a World Harrow And up to the promise of the European Union Issuance of fighter jets to UkraineIt continues Resist stubbornly On the fifth day of the Russian invasion.

The Russian ruble fell by almost 30% Against the dollar on Monday after being imposed by international forces New, tougher sanctions In Moscow. The United States and the European Union have announced that they will exempt some Russian banks from the bank Swift International Banking Payment System And to Personally targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. They forbade any transaction with Central Bank of Russia.

The United Nations General Assembly convenes on Monday, February 28 as an emergency special session Following the UN Security Council meeting on Sunday 27 February.

European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen expressed clear support Ukraine’s annexation to the European UnionIs calling the country “ One of us “.

On Monday the UN. France to bring draft resolution to Security Council “ To make sure Unrestricted humanitarian accessTo meet the urgent needs of the people staying in Ukraine “, Elysee announced on Sunday evening.

கடைசி Last Provisional Assessment of the Sunday Report 27 February 352 civilians were killedIncluding 14 children, and 1,684 civilians were injuredAccording to the Ukrainian Minister of Health, including 116 children. The European Commissioner fears that more than 7 million people have been displaced by the war in Ukraine. According to the United Nations, about 368,000 refugees have already fled the fightingIt represents this number ” Will continue to increase “Crowds of displaced people are on the roads from Ukraine to neighboring countries, especially Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia or Romania.

The times are given in Universal Time (UT).

03:55: Fifth day of war begins in Ukraine The siege of Kiev by Russian forces continues. Thousands of people regularly leave by car or train, while hundreds arrive. The first is to escape from the fight and the second is to fight against the enemy. Report by our correspondent Stephen Siohan.

War in Ukraine: Troops tighten on Russian military aide Kiev

3:28 am .: US President Joe Biden will speak by phone with the Allies on Monday And partners from the United States for 4:15 pm Integrate an integrated response The White House has announced a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

03:26: The Russian ruble fell About 30% Following the latest setbacks.

03:22: Explosions are heard in Kiev and Kharkiv. In northeastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian government service for special communications and information security said. In a separate statement, the agency said a residential building in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv had caught fire due to a missile strike.

02:21 : The Bell and Rogers teams, two major television service providers in Canada, have decided Stop broadcasting Russian news channel RT (X-Russia Today), announced by Justin Trudeau’s government. Was constantly accused of contributing MisinformationIt is in the view of many Western capitals to accuse RT Kremlin trumpet.

War in Ukraine: The Russian media RT and Sputnik were soon banned from the EU ?

01:49: The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose more than 5% in early trade on Monday as markets rallied. Energy crisis After the new Western sanctions imposed on Moscow.

01:45 : While one of the justifications for the Russian invasion may be the persecution of Russian speakers, the Russian language actually exists, Widely spoken throughout the countryOur special envoys mentioned Anastasia Beccio and Boris Wichita.

Listen to their report on the Russian language on Dinipro.

00:37 am: Ukraine belongs to the European Union and the federation wants that country to eventually become a memberEuropean Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Sunday. In an interview with Euronews. The comments came the day after the 27th ended the purchase and supply of arms to Ukraine.

00:26: The European Central Bank said on Monday The Bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy European subsidiary of the Russian bank SberbanQ: Largest in the country due to withdrawal ” Remarkable Deposit due to conflict in Ukraine and sanctions imposed by Western countries.

12:45 am: Saudi Arabia reaffirms its commitment to the OPEC + Alliance During a meeting between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and French President Emmanuel Macron with Russia on Sunday, the official Saudi News Agency (SPA) reported.

12:30 pm: Provided by Canada 17.6 million euros worth of defense military equipment Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie announced the request to the Ukrainian military. Directly By the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olha Stepanishina. ” I want to be clear: we want to do more “The head of Canadian diplomacy insisted that his government close its airspace to Russian aircraft just hours later.

12:20 am: Vladimir Putin asked his commanders The Russian military has intensified its nuclear deterrent force. General Vincent Desports, former director of the School of War and professor of science and medicine The consequences of this decision could be huge.

After the alert, you have a nuclear fire. This means that today, Russian submarines have come to the surface to launch their nuclear missiles.

General Vincent Desports

12:10 am : The British government announced on Tuesday that it would introduce a bill aimed at combat Against economic crime and Dirty money », In his view Russian oligarchy near the Kremlin.

00:08: President of Brazil Jair Bolsanaro has refused to reprimand Russian President Vladimir Putin For the invasion of Ukraine, Brazil withdrew from the official position of its government at the United Nations that it was neutral. He recently ignored a US request not to see Vladimir Putin before the invasion and angered Western allies. Unity with Russia “.

00:00: BP drops its stake in Russian oil company Rosneft, Ended 30 years of operation in Russia. The removal of the 19.75% stake would cost the British company 22 22.4 billion.

The move reflects the dramatic exit of BP, Russia’s largest foreign investor, and draws attention to other Western companies operating in the country, including TotalEnergies and Britain’s Shell.

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