Kiev is preparing to resist

Kiev is preparing to resist


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War in Ukraine: Kiev prepares to resist
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M. De Salvron, f. Le Mol, c. Kenk, b. Miet, A. Demsuk – France 2

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After Kharkiv (Ukraine), it may be Kiev’s trouble Attacks by the Russian Army. On the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, twenty kilometers from the city center, lies a huge army. People are also getting ready to oppose and wage an urban guerrilla war.

Residents of the Kiev (Ukraine) district are armed and control the entrances and exits. They were there when the missile exploded 300 meters away, targeting the large television antenna. “We have come here to protect our city and country. Our families live here and we know all the risks we take.Trusts one of them. “I’m taking the public to shelters in the event of a wind warning.”Another Ukrainian, Kalashnikov, explains by hand.

The siren is just starting to sound. “Come on, we’re going to the shelter, here we go.” A woman and her one-year-old child have been missing there since the war began. “Of course we’re permanently scared by these sirens.”, She says. This district is far from the exception of Kiev. An impressive number of civilians want to contribute, while the Russian army is thirty kilometers away from the Ukrainian capital.