Live Govt-19: Warren warns that the end of the mask does not mean “end of awareness”

Live Govt-19: Warren warns that the end of the mask does not mean “end of awareness”


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China: Five cities in Jilin province have been sealed off

In Changchun, a major industrial hub, nine million people have been locked up in their homes since Friday as the epidemic has resumed.

German conglomerate Volkswagen announced on Wednesday that production at three locations in the city, including two factories of the VW and Audi brands and a spare parts manufacturing facility, had been suspended due to the impact of the Covit-19. , All three worked with the Chinese group FAW.


Oliver Warren warns that the end of the mask does not mean the end of “awareness.”

“The removal of our masks today, the fact that we no longer issue passes does not mean that we have to stop being vigilant for ourselves or others,” the health minister recalled at the opening ceremony of the unplanned care center.


“We told you to go home immediately”

As of 2020, Millions of Chinese have been locked back into their homes. “We told her to go home immediately France Information, A merchant from the town of Pavoji in the center of the country. “I can no longer go to work. All the entrances to the apartment are closed: you can not enter or exit, and only (…) ambulances and police vehicles have the right to circulate throughout the city of Pavoji, ”the trader said.


More than 6 million people have died

According to a report established by the AFP, the epidemic has officially killed at least 6 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) considers the number of infections to be high, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly associated with Covid-19. May be two to three times as much Than officially established.


Is Nokia the fourth size for everyone?


Greek Prime Minister Kyriagos Mitsotakis has been hit by a coup

Greek Prime Minister Grios Mitsotakis announced a positive test for Kovit-19 the day after his visit to Turkey.

“The daily test conducted in the office came back in favor of Kovit-19,” he said on Instagram, adding that he was going to isolate himself in his home.


Warning about EDF results

The French energy company has announced that it will reduce its financial projections for 2022. EDF faces erosion problems in its nuclear fleet, the amount of nuclear power sold at the regulated “Arenh” tariff, but the new rise in price. .


Hong Kong stock market crash

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell nearly 5% this morning. Investors are worried about China’s repression in the technology sector and the lockout of the country’s technology hub Shenzhen. After the recurrence of pollution seen in recent days, the city’s control was decreed.


In view of the consequences of imprisonment “prolonging” in China

The Health prison in many Chinese citiesThis will force factories to close, which could have “economic consequences” “if it lasts,” warns Theory Breton, the European Commissioner for the domestic market. France Inter. “Today in China, we are in the process of restructuring all the companies in the Pearl River Delta, i.e. between Shenzhen and Guangzhou you have the largest sectors in economic activity, especially in the field of electronics, which China has never done. , “He continued.


A second booster is recommended for those over 80 years of age

The Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council recommends In a new reviewA Second booster shot For those over 80 and those living in nursing homes. For other ages, the authority assesses that “there is no argument to justify the proposal of an additional drug.” Over 80s, recalled three months ago Do the fourth dose this Monday.


“Increase” in “controllable” events

Asked about RTLChairman of the Science Council, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, Returned to the increase in pollution seen in recent days, which promised to be “without any impact on the health system”. “There is an increase, it is clear, but it seems we can cope,” he says. “Now we know how to better manage it because we have continuous medical equipment.”


After the new lawsuits, the neighborhoods in Shanghai were cordoned off

In Shanghai, China’s most populous metropolitan area, residential neighborhoods are cordoned off and authorities are doing everything possible to avoid public blockages. The city reported 170 new cases Monday.


Positive Tongan Prime Minister

As the Pacific island nation slowly recovers from the catastrophic volcanic eruption and tsunami, Tonga’s Prime Minister Xiaozi Sovaleni has tested positive for Kovit-19, his office said.


“The end of the mask does not mean the end of the infection”

“With Omigron, We have more infectious but less viral variant, fewer hospitalized patients. Therefore, we can say that it is time to relax (…) activities except for the weak ones, ”says Dr. Jimmy Mohammed, SOS Physicians. France Information. “The end of the mask does not indicate the end of the infection,” says the expert subtly.


Towards improvement in the situation in the spring

“We are still in a climate conducive to the circulation of the climate virus,” archaeologist Arnaud Fontanet supports. “But in the spring, we can hope to come to a time when the cycle of the virus is shorter,” the scientist added.


Lift the mask? “This choice should be free,” said Arnold Fontaine

Should we drop the mask this Monday? I asked about France Inter, Archaeologist Arnaud Fontanet explains, “Wearing a mask (or not) depends on our own weakness.” “If you’re at risk for severe forms, it’s best to have it. It’s a choice that depends on you and those around you. This choice should be free.”


Not vaccinated between impatience and bitterness

From this Monday, vaccination passes will no longer be required at the entrances to restaurants, theaters and theaters. While some are eager to return to their previous lives, others feel isolated by the move and promise to ignore these places. Their testimonies can be found in our article.


The peak is lower than in January, the Institute Pastor predicts

Nevertheless, France is removing most of its health restrictions “Again” of the virus Observed in recent days. However, the Institute Pastor estimates that, in its most hopeless situation, the peak of pollution could “exceed 100,000 daily cases by March”, according to new models.


Why China was preceded by epidemics

Two years after starting Infectious, Life begins again under the glass in China. The country broke its tragic record with nearly 3,400 cases on Sunday, according to official data. Nevertheless, how can such an eruption be explained in this country which follows the “zero govt” strategy? Read our encryption to understand everything.


The end of the mask, relief in schools

The The end of the mask at school The school administration welcomed him with relief. “The kids were still very stressed for two more years. There were really strict rules. There, we could reconsider a quiet outing that we all look forward to,” explains Frances Info Florence Comte, secretary of the School Principals Association.


Electronics company Foxconn has ceased operations in Shenzhen

The Taiwanese electronics company and Apple’s main supplier have announced that they will suspend operations at Shenzhen, a Chinese technology pole controlled by the government due to an epidemic wave.


Masks and a vaccine pass will be in the pockets

Most restrictions will be lifted on Monday in the wake of calls for a warning in the face of the “back” of the epidemic. Anyone can now access theaters, theaters, restaurants, exhibitions … Without justifying the vaccine pass. Or walk openly through school corridors and store shelves. However, the mask is mandatory in transportation and health care facilities.


Positive Barack Obama

The former US president announces a positive test for Covid-19 after mild symptoms, but says he is “well”. “I had a sore throat for a few days, otherwise I would feel better,” he tweeted. He said his wife, Michelle Obama, had a negative test.


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