Lou Movie 2022

Lou Movie 2022: Which Year Does This Film Lou Take Set in?



Anna Foerster’s 2022 American action thriller film Lou.

Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Ridley Bateman, and Matt Craven co-star in the film.

Lou Movie Release Date

The film was released on Netflix on September 23, 2022.

Lou Movie Plot

The film begins with a mother, Hannah, and her young daughter, Vee, playing hide-and-seek outside their home. Lou, the landlady, and loner who lives with her dog Jax come by to inform them that the rent is due the next day.

Lou discusses her arthritis with the sheriff while shopping in the village.

Lou Movie 2022

He suggests that she wear a copper bracelet to help her condition.


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Chris, Hannah’s male friend, offers to bring supplies because he expects a large storm. He picks up a hitchhiker, who later dies in his van. The hitchhiker cuts power to Hannah’s house, and while she is outside attempting to restore power, he kidnaps Vee and flees on foot with her.

Hannah rushes to Lou’s house, interrupts her suicide attempt, and informs her that Vee has gone missing. The hitchhiker’s bomb explodes in Lou’s truck. During the storm, Hannah and Lou set out to track him and Vee.

Hannah informs Lou that the hitchhiker is Vee’s father, Philip, a former special forces soldier and criminal whom she believed was dead. Lou discovers and murders Philip’s friends on the way, demonstrating that she is more than she appears to be. She informs Hannah that she is a 26-year ex-CIA field agent.

Lou and Hannah follow Philip and Vee to Eagle Bay’s beach. Lou orders Hannah to radio for assistance while she goes to confront Philip and save Vee.

Following a standoff, it is revealed that Philip is Lou’s son, who tracked them down after she turned him in and hid them for safety.

Lou Movie 2022

Philip injures Lou and flees with Vee, intending to kill them all at once.

Lou Movie Cast

  • Allison Janney as Lou Adell
  • Jurnee Smollett as Hannah Dawson
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Philip
  • Ridley Bateman as Vee Dawson
  • Matt Craven as Sheriff Rankin
  • Greyston Holt as Chris
  • Daniel Bernhardt as Tony
  • RJ Fetherstonhaugh as Gerry

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Watch Lou on Netflix Now!

Anna Foerster (Underworld: Blood Wars, Westworld) directs LOU and does an excellent job. From the visual style to the pacing, this is a thriller that I thoroughly enjoy.

I was concerned that the running time of 1 hour and 47 minutes would be too long. It’s not. Not even remotely!

Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley wrote the screenplay, which is based on her story. Maggie Cohn’s first feature film screenplay follows her work on The Staircase, Narcos: México, and American Crime Story. This is Jack Stanley’s first published work.

Lou Movie 2022

LOU is packed with suspense, mystery, and brutal action sequences, as well as a realistic backstory reminiscent of some true-crime documentaries. You should definitely watch this on Netflix!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plot of the Film Lou About?

During a Violent Storm, a Young Girl is Abducted. Her Mother Teams Up With a Mysterious Neighbour to Track Down the Kidnapper. Their Journey Will Put Them to the Test While Also Revealing Dark Secrets From Their Past.

Which Year Does the Film Lou Take Set in?

“Lou,” Directed by Ann Foerster and Written by Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley, Stars Janney as a Reclusive Landowner in a Small Pacific Northwest Coastal Town in the Late 1980s.

Is Lou Based on a Book?

Julien Neel Created the French Comic Book Series, Lou! As Well as the Animated Television Series. Glénat Publishes the Comic, and the Animated Series Airs in France on M6 and Disney Channel.