March 2022 madness results: Annoyance over Kentucky, Iowa highlights Wild Thursday in Round 1 of the NCAA Championship


On day one of the 2022 NCAA Championships, March Madness lives up to its name. Just ask St. Peter, who became the 15th seed to break into second after firing at Kentucky 85-79 in overtime.

The Kentucky loss – the Wildcats were the 18.5-point favorite – stands out as one of the five biggest surprises versus spreads since the NCAA championship field expanded in 1985. And Kentucky wasn’t alone; The infamous match produced 5-12 winners in New Mexico State and Richmond over Ocon and Iowa, respectively. The No. 11, seeded No. 6 Michigan, topped Colorado State for another upset.

But the favorite has triumphed in other games. Gonzaga, Kansas, and Baylor No. 1 seeds advanced, while No. 4 seeds in Arkansas, UCLA and Providence survived bids varying to varying degrees. Gonzaga will now meet ninth seed Memphis, one of the most exciting teams in the country for the past month and a half, after the Tigers fended off a late attack from Boise State. The No. 9-seeded Kansas draws in Creighton, who beat San Diego State in overtime. The atypical No. 8 seed Baylor plays in North Carolina, which Marquette coach Xhaka Smart called “dangerous” after Tar Heels’ win over the Golden Eagles.

In the same Eastern District, St. Mary’s turned on the weary Indiana team, while the bottom of the arc would see either St. Peter or Murray State go to Sweet 16, after the latter defeated San Francisco in overtime.

CBS Sports was here with the latest on every first round match. Keep scrolling beyond the table below for results and analysis from one of the best days of the year in American sports.

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2022 NCAA Tournament TV Schedule

(11) Michigan 75, (6) Colorado 63
a summary

(12) New Mexico State 70, (5) Ocon 63
The Aggies’ first win in the tournament since 93

(4) Providence 66, (13) South Dakota 57
a summary

(15) St. Peter 85, (2) Kentucky 79 – OT
15 more than 2 for the tenth time in history

(9) Memphis 64, (8) Boise State 53
a summary

(5) St. Mary’s 82, (12) Indiana 53
a summary

(1) Baylor 85, (16) Norfolk 49
a summary

(9) Creighton 72, (8) San Diego State 69 – OT
a summary

(3) TN 88, (14) Longwood 56
a summary

(4) Arkansas 75, (13) Vermont 71
a summary

(12) Richmond 67, (5) Iowa 63
Spiders make another disturbance

(7) Murray State 92, (10) San Francisco 87 – T
a summary

(1) Gonzaga 93, (16) Georgia State 72
a summary

(4) UCLA 57, (13) Akron 53
a summary

(8) North Carolina 95, (9) Marquette 63
a summary

(1) Kansas 83, (16) Southern Texas 56
a summary

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