Missiles aimed at the US Embassy in Erbil, Kurdistan

Missiles aimed at the US Embassy in Erbil, Kurdistan


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Kurdistan Regional Parliament in Erbil in February 2019.

Views from “Missiles” The target, Sunday, March 13, is Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region north of Iraq. The attack was carried out with “Twelve ballistic missiles fired at Erbil district, targeting US embassy” According to a report by the Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Unit. “Missiles were fired outside the borders of Iraq and Kurdistan. [venant] More precisely from the East From the country.

Iraq shares its long eastern border with Iran, which plays an important role politically and economically with its Iraqi neighbors.

“No human casualties, only material damage”, The statement added. For his part, he assured that there was no US State Department spokesman “No damage or casualties to any US government facility”.

The city’s airport, home to the International Coalition for Anti – Jihadi, denied any involvement and said no damage had been done.

Local television channel Kurdistan 24, whose studios are not far from the US embassy’s new premises, posted pictures of its damaged offices, collapsed parts of the false roof and broken glass on its social networks.

“We condemn this terrorist attack on many parts of Erbil and call on the people to remain calm.”The Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Masroor Barzani, said in a statement.

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More tense environment

The anti-Erbil footage comes a week after two senior officers of the Islamic State of Iran’s ideological army, the Revolutionary Guards, were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria. “Zionist rule Israel] I will pay for this crime ”He assured the guards in a press release on Tuesday.

Sunday’s attack comes at a time of brutal suspension following Moscow’s new demands, as talks on Iran’s nuclear program are about to succeed. The deal, which was concluded by Iran on the one hand and the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany on the other, will prevent Tehran from buying a nuclear bomb in exchange for lifting stagnant sanctions. Its economy.

It crashed in 2018 after Washington withdrew after Donald Trump decided to resume his actions against Iran. In response, Iran gradually liberated itself from the restrictions imposed on its nuclear program. Negotiations resumed after Joe Biden was elected to the White House.

Strikes were never called for

In Iraq, rocket-propelled grenades or landmines have been used to target US interests and troops of the International Anti-Jihadist Alliance in Iraq.

Earlier in the year, the country experienced a resurgence of this type of attack. Many friendly groups in Iran and the region were recalled Second Anniversary of the Remembrance Day of Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani and his Iraqi Lieutenant Abu Mahdi al-MahandesKilled by US drone strike in Iraq in January 2020.

In late January, six rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport, causing no casualties, the latest in a series of attacks generally blamed by Washington on pro-Iranian Iraqi units. Erbil, The last such attack on Erbil took place before SeptemberWhen “Armed drones” Targeted the airport.

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The attacks take place in a tense post-election context, marked by endless negotiations to form a parliamentary coalition, elect a president and appoint a prime minister.

“Erbil under the fire of the lost”Shiite cleric Mokhtar al-Sadr, a major winner in the October assembly elections, responded by tweeting that pro-Iranian factions had registered a sharp decline.

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