No Way Home Tops Titanic's First Flight - Deadline

No Way Home Tops Titanic’s First Flight – Deadline



Update to the latest…: Sony Unknown It easily crossed the $200 million mark globally this weekend, after adding $35 million From 64 overseas markets and $23.3 million locally. The International box office com is now 143 million dollars. Around the world, Tom Holland / Mark Wahlberg-starrer $226.4 million.


Sony also boasts another franchise of sorts with another Dutch superstar like Spider-Man: There is no room for home Arrive $1.85 billion Worldwide to exceed the original 1997/1998 global Titanic ($1.84 billion, unadjusted).

While Unknown Held strong, and other existing images also hit new milestones, it was an overall quiet weekend at the international box office with no major newcomers, and as anticipation is high for Batman to start the next session. We also hear that going to the cinema was on average 25% lower in Russia versus last weekend, and of course, cinemas are closed in Ukraine amid the ongoing crisis.

Unknown It only decreased by 35%. Notable main markets include leader United kingdom At $24.8 million (-12%), France At $12.2 million (-36%), Spain At $8.8 million (-33%), Australia at $7.8 million (-26%), and Germany At $6.7 million (-23%).

in IMAX, Unknown It generated US$15.7 million worldwide, of which US$8.7 million came from overseas markets. China and the Netherlands still lead China and the Netherlands in March with Hong Kong in April.


Disney / Twentieth Century Studios Death on the Nile It crossed $100 million globally this weekend. cleavage $32.8 million local and 68.5 million dollars From 47 overseas markets with total operation $101.3 million.

The group run by Kenneth Brana is down 43% in the remainder, excluding China. Japan Debuts in this session with $1.5 million in second place (53% higher Gucci House). The general marine framework was wandering with the other 10.6 million dollarsIt ranked second in Italy, Spain and Australia in particular. It also remains the No. 3 film in Germany and Russia.

China It fell 77%, but the main market in dot With $8.9 million, closely followed by United kingdom at $8.8 million. Russia ($6.8 million), France ($5.6 million) and Italia ($5 million) complete the top five.

sing 2

In another standard, Universal/Illumination’s sing 2 Exceeding $200 Million Internationally, Now With $200.3 million com abroad. The magician added this weekend in 66 markets $8.4 million by 21%. In the UK, it is expected to surpass the original release later this week. The United kingdom It is the leading market at $39.3 million, followed by France at $20 million. global total $351.5 million.

Back to Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: There is no room for homeShe added 7 million dollars to its already huge outer spaces. This was a 21% decrease from the previous session and brought overseas volumes to $1.072 billion and global $1.85 billionas mentioned above.

The top 5 markets so far are United kingdom ($127.3 million), Mexico ($76.2 million), France ($65.2 million), Korea ($63.1 million) and Australia ($67.9 million).


In another play abroad, MGM/FilmNation’s dog Enjoy a solid second weekend in United kingdom It was released by Entertainment Film Distributors. The playback price is now $2.2 million through Saturday, with an update coming Monday.

China‘s The battle at Changjin Lake II Now at CNY 3.84 billion ($608 million) it tops the local chart. IMAX total is $35 million. Anime Toho Jujutsu Kisen Zerowhich was released in Japan in late December, and has now grossed $6.7 million from IMAX there, making it the fourth-largest Japanese film by format ever.