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Net Worth

American novelist and master carpenter Norm Abram. He became well-known thanks to his numerous appearances as a guest on PBS programs. He has made appearances on numerous television shows, but two of the most notable are This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop.

Norm Abram has found a great partner in his wife. Find out about his financial status and where he lives. There have been recent rumours that he has terminal cancer. With any luck, this will finally end the rumours.

A Short Biography of Norm Abram

Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on October 3, 1949, Norman L. Abram is a member of the baby boomer generation. He was raised and went to high school in New England, specifically Massachusetts’ Milford. After that, he enrolled at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration, respectively.

Norm Abram Net Worth

When Norm Abram was a kid, he decided he wanted to be a successful actor. His father, a carpenter, got him the Handy Andy Tool Set when he was old enough to stop wearing diapers. Later in life, he tagged along with his dad to the office to lend a hand wherever he could.

Jobs Taken by Norm Abram

Abram is a skilled artisan, radio host, and writer. After finishing school, he found work with a multimillion dollar New England building firm.

He worked hard and dedicatedly for three years before being promoted to site supervisor. In 1976, he established the construction firm Integrated Structures Inc. His first major venture on his own was the construction of a general store on the island of Nantucket. Norm Abram led the organisation until 1989.

To put it simply, Abram’s life and career were revolutionised the day he began working for TV producer Russell Morash. Due to his stellar work, Russell has offered him a casting role on the This Old House reboot.

The show’s producer, Russell Morash, wanted him to join the cast regularly, so he did. Does anyone know if Norm Abram is still with This Old House? His 1989 spin-off, The New Yankee Workshop, was well received.

The former continued to air on PBS through 2013, while the latter ended after 21 seasons in 2009. In the time he’s been employed there, he hasn’t missed a single episode.

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Personal Life

To date, Abram has tied the knot twice. Prior to their 1996 divorce, he was married to Laura Cone. No one can say for sure what led to their split even now.

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The TV host and Laura Cone do, however, have a daughter together, and her name is Lindsey. In 1999, he married Elise Hauenstein, and they have been happily married ever since. She places a premium on discretion, so information about their child is scarce. Elise Hauenstein is renowned for her skill as a potter.


The efforts of Norm Abram have not been overlooked. So far, he has won two awards, which are:-

  1. American Academy of Ophthalmology EyeSmart Distinguished Service Award
  2. The Lifetime Achievement Award for Ken Burn

Norm Abram’s Books

Author Norm Abram has written eight books on the subject of woodworking.

  1. Abram, Norm; Snyder, Tim (1989) – The New Yankee Workshop.
  2. Abram, Norm; Snyder, Tim (1990) –  Classics From The New Yankee
  3. Abram, Norm; Sloan, David (1992) – Mostly Shaker From The New
  4. Abram, Norm; Walker, Roland (1994) – The New Yankee Workshop:
  5. Abram, Norm (1995) –  Norm Abram’s New House.
  6. Abram, Norm (1996) – Measure Twice, Cut Once.
  7. Abram, Norm (1998) – The New Yankee Workshop Kids’ Stuff
  8. Abram, Norm (2001) –  Ask Norm.

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Net Worth

A carpenter by trade and reality TV star in the United States, Norm Abram has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million. Norm Abram was raised in the Boston suburb of Milford after being born in Rhode Island.

He studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at UMass Amherst and earned a degree in both. After finishing university, he entered the construction industry and, three years later, established Integrated Structures, Inc.

He constructed a modest barn for TV producer Russell Morash that year (1979). As a result of Mr. Morash’s admiration for his carpentry abilities, he hired him as the show’s main woodworker. “This Old House” airs on PBS. Since then, he has made regular appearances on the hit show.

A spinoff series starring him, “The New Yankee Workshop,” ran for 21 seasons. He has appeared on “Between the Lions” and “Ace of Cakes” and written eight books on carpentry.

Health Issue

The Slimming of Norm Abrams Norm Abram has not been very forthcoming about his health situation, so it is considered private. But the host of the reality show was rumoured to be sick with cancer.

His fans worried about his health after they saw fewer of him on the show. His current health status is probably not optimal. Whether or not the TV host actually has cancer is still up for debate.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did Norm Leave This Old House?

After more than four decades as the host of the groundbreaking home improvement television series This Old House, Norm Abram has decided to retire from the role of Master Carpenter.

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Exactly what ended up happening to Roger on This Old House?

He is currently a member of This Old House’s board of editors, and his work can be found in the 2004 book Complete Landscaping, co-published by This Old House Books and Sunset. Cook announced in June 2018 that, due to health reasons, he would be decreasing his appearances on the shows.