Oh, oh, the Chocobo GP's season pass raves a few feathers with fans

Oh, oh, the Chocobo GP’s season pass raves a few feathers with fans



Cute and lovable kart racer Chocobo GB It looks like the bright spring sunshine that we all need in our lives right now. And on the surface, it’s a fun little racer where chocobos race on roller skates, and from Vivi Final Fantasy IX It can set you on fire while driving around Alexandria. What do you not like?

But, when Square Enix was marketing the game, she revealed Season pass In the Japanese game Nintendo Direct, which left a pungent taste in the mouths of many fans. Not only that, the iconic Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Cloud Strife is associated with this pass, which is called the Prize Pass.

Now that the game is completely over, and players have a chance to go on a chocobo race, many have called Square Enix. Upon logging into the game, players are greeted with messages promoting in-game currencies and microtransactions, including the aforementioned Season Pass.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to shell out your real-life generation to get the currency you need to buy characters and a Prize Pass, you’ll have to play the game and look for levels and coins, like Myrthil. Squal Leonhart, from Final Fantasy VIII Fame, can also be purchased with mythril but costs 3000 pieces of shiny metal.

Fans have expressed concern about the length of time it will take to achieve levels in the game. Square Enix responded by awarding players 500 mythril and promising contestants to tweak their prize level settings to make them “more forgiving”.

This is not the only aspect of the game that players have highlighted as a problem. Every few months it will be a different ‘season’ in Chocobo GP (like racing season), with season one starting now. And as a bonus for logging in during Season 1, players will get 800 mythril for free. This is enough to buy a prize ticket.

It all sounds good, like a golden chocobo, but with a little extra digging, fans have discovered that this free legend has an expiration date of August 31, 2022.

Fortunately any mythril (or any other currency) you pay for won’t expire, but it’s not often that video games remove the free currency. 1000 pieces of mythril will cost you $9.99, with a bundle of 8200 mythril (plus an additional 3200 bag), costs $81.99.

Square Enix has yet to respond on the free currency issues and said it will clarify the changes to the level grinding as soon as possible.

While we weren’t able to hit the Prize Pass during the review period, we still listed it as negative in Writing Chocobo GPwhich we called “a pleasant surprise”.

Have you picked the game yet, or are you trying the lite version? How do you feel about the award pass? Let us know in the comments.

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