Omigron: A new unknown variant found in Israel combining BA.1 and BA.2 sub variants

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett is set to hold a meeting with Health Ministry officials on Wednesday after discovering this new variation, at a time when pollution cases are on the rise again around the world, especially in Asia. .

This variation is not yet known to the world and both cases were detected by PCR tests conducted at Ben Gurion Airport upon entering Israel.“A press release from the Israeli Ministry of Health states that this is a combination of the Omicron and BA.2 variants, which have not yet been deployed.

The victims showed mild symptoms such as fever, headache and muscle aches and did not require any special medical attention.“, He continues.

Two Israelis returning to Israel from abroad were found to be carrying a mixture of omigran and the infected BA.2 variant, which is not deployed anywhere else in the world.

– (arethaaretzcom) March 16, 2022

Salman Sarkah, the leader of the Israeli government’s anti-Govt strategy, wants to be tentative in the face of this new situation. “I do not knowThe occurrence of integrated variations is well known“And”At this point (new variation may occur) we are not worried about severe events“, He told Israeli military radio.

However, the health situation in many countries has deteriorated due to the spread of the PA2 subtype, which is particularly contagious.

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