Protesters have blocked a former president from being admitted to hospital on a hunger strike


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Supporters of the Movement for Socialism demonstrate on February 18, 2022 in La Paz, Bolivia, in front of the Miraflores prison where Jeanine Anes is serving his sentence.

Protesters close to the government in Bolivia prevented former President Jeanine Añez from being admitted to hospital on Friday, February 18. Imprisoned since March 2021 And has been on a hunger strike since February 9, and the judge ordered him admitted to hospital.

Hundreds of supporters of the Presidential Party for Socialism (MAS, Left) surrounded and chanted slogans around the prison in La Paz, the former head of state (2019-2020). “She’s not going out!” »,« Killer! ⁇And “Thirty years in prison! ⁇

The 54-year-old former president considers himself “Political prisoner”Should be “Emergency treatment” At a hospital in the capital due to that “His health is bad”As per the court order.

“If a pressure group is allowed to win on a judge’s verdict, we are not really in a legal position.”His lawyer, George Walta, said protesters threw eggs.

In this case, the director of prisons informed the court “Material is impossible” To transfer Jeanine Añez, the judge ordered doctors to enter the prison to treat her “Against His Will”.

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He was accused of leading a “conspiracy”

M OpponentsMe Anes clashed with police as supporters of the right-wing ex-president tried to remove a tent erected to demand his release. The forces of order finally gave up and the tent was burned. Supporters of the former leader then retreated, throwing eggs at other protesters.

Jeanine was accused of leading Añez “Rebellion” Against left-wing former President Evo Morales in November 2019 (2006-2019).

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On November 12, 2019, the Conservative senator announced himself as the interim president of Bolivia. Mr. In support of the vacuum of power caused by the resignations of Morales and his constitutional heirs: Vice President, Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

A month ago, Evo Morales faced a wave of opposition after running for re-election for the fourth time. Abandoned by the army and police, he resigned and was deported.

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After playing for a year, Mr.Me Añez recognized the victory of Luis Arce, the MAS candidate and dolphin of Evo Morales, in the October 2020 presidential election and handed over power to him.

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