Resumption of Russian offensive in Mariupol, which must be subjected to a ceasefire to evacuate civilians

Gerald Dormann condemns London’s “inhumanity” against Ukrainian refugees returning to Galilee

French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann was criticized on Saturday “Totally irrelevant answer” And this “Lack of humanity” Kales returned to the United Kingdom in connection with the Ukrainian refugees, in a letter to his British counterpart Preeti Patel. Throughout the channel trying to reunite with their families, about 150 Ukrainians fleeing their Russian-occupied country have been summoned by British authorities in recent days. “Return” And “Go to Paris or Brussels” In this letter, the Minister confirms that the Agencies France-Presse (AFP) have consulted with the embassies to obtain their visas.

Gerald Dormanin, a “Totally irrelevant answer” And one “Lack of humanity” Towards refugees “Suffering”, “Mostly women with young children, the elderly or the disabled”. In total, “Over 400 Ukrainian citizens According to the Interior Minister, they have been coming to Galilee since the beginning of the war.

For several days, their situation has been a source of friction between London and Paris, whose relations have already been strained by the issue of illegal immigration crossings. The French government announced on Thursday that it would establish the United Kingdom “A kind of embassy” In Kalas to issue visas directly to Ukrainians on the spot. “Your embassy representation is required to issue visas to reunite the family directly at the college, in exceptional and crisis situations.”Gérald Darmanin recalled.

“It would be incomprehensible if diplomatic reinforcements were used for this purpose all over Europe and as far as Ukraine, and it is not too close to your borders.”He presses. “Our beaches are the scene of many human tragedies.”He concludes with a shipwreck that claimed the lives of 27 migrants at the end of November, “Do not include these Ukrainian families.”

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