Saudi Arabia has executed 81 people in a single day

Saudi Arabia has executed 81 people in a single day


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Among them, men are affiliated with the jihadist organization Dash and the al-Qaeda network.

The previous “record” was dated 2021. This Saturday, 81 people sentenced to death for crimes related to “terrorism” in Saudi Arabia were executed on the same day. Seventy-three Saudis, seven Yemenis and one Syrian have been convicted of “many heinous crimes,” according to the official SPA news agency.

Among them were the jihadist organization Dash, the al-Qaeda network, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and men linked to “other terrorist organizations,” the agency said.

“A firm stand against terrorism”

Saudi Arabia, which has the highest execution rates in the world, generally uses beheadings to carry out executions.

Eighty-one people were sentenced to death for crimes such as “places of worship, government buildings and facilities essential to the country’s economy” and “kidnapping, torture, rape and smuggling of ‘weapons’, again according to the SPA.

“These crimes have led to a high number of deaths among the public and law enforcement,” he said without further details. “The state will continue to take an unshakable (…) stance against terrorism and extremist ideologies that threaten stability around the world,” the agency said.