Spielberg speeds up production of new Bullitt movie

Spielberg speeds up production of new Bullitt movie



Steve McQueen in Bullit

Steve McQueen in bulit
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Car chase fans, brace yourselves: Steven Spielberg is developing a new movie based on Frank Bullitt, the San Francisco Police Detective memorably brought to life by Steve McQueen. in 1968 bulit. for every diverseSpielberg with Josh Singer from the post And the Spotlightto write a new script centered on the famous fast-driving cop.

This new project, it seems, will not be a direct rework of bulitIt is based on the 1963 novel by Robert L. Fish Watch mute. Instead, it will be a new and original story — even though Spielberg and his co-producers have secured the rights to the Bullitt character from McQueen’s estate, with the actor’s son and granddaughter attached.Ed as executive producers.

Delivery timewho first published this story, reports who – which bulit It probably won’t be Spielberg’s next movie, after his upcoming semi-autobiographical film fablemans. But the director – who never hesitated to dive into his personal love of the classic in order to provide inspiration for new projects – had apparently been interested in the idea for a while, with the main stumbling block being negotiations with McQueen’s estate.

Spielberg is already having a busy year; He’s currently a candidate for seven Academy Award nominations for his similar historical mind West side story Biology. He also recently finished filming fablemanswhich stars Gabriel Labelle as an ambitious young Arizona director also really in bulitwe guess.

the original bulit Directed by Peter Yates, and widely advertised to feature some of the coolest car chases in movie history, most notably the 10-minute San Francisco scene with McQueen behind the wheel of his iconic Ford Mustang. The film won an Oscar for Best Editing, in large part due to the strength of said sequence.

Spielberg more or less He started with a car chase, apparently making a name for himself first by making TV in 1971 duel. He also included the racing sequence in 2018 One ready player This is so crowded with movie references that we were kind of surprised we didn’t look like Bullitt’s Mustangs buried somewhere in the packaging. But we’d be lying, if we said we weren’t intrigued by the idea of ​​the guy throwing all his resources and talent behind filming Steven Spielberg’s Absolute. Car chase flick.”