The Elden Ring's new "supernatural" feud wall may just be a glitch or a hack

The Elden Ring’s new “supernatural” feud wall may just be a glitch or a hack



elden ring Fans know firsthand their uneasiness from fellow players through messages that read “Hidden path ahead” or “Try to attack,” a hint at one of FromSoftware’s infamous fake walls – mirage walls that hide secret rooms in castles or hidden passages in dungeons. Sure enough, you put a sword on the wall expecting a pleasant secret after reading one of these messages, only to be rejected and verified that the “false in front of you” message you also saw around was legitimate.

But the discovery of a single player in elden ring Maybe he just rewrote the rules around dummy walls in FromSoftware’s new game. Member of the elden ring subreddit, teristam, posted on Friday that they’ve found out Secret wall in the game Requires dozens of hits – 50 hits!! – to disappear.

Here’s a look at this super tricky wall in action:

This wall—you might have bumped it yourself already, because it stands out—is located in Volcano Manor, and only provides access to a room you can easily access. In fact, you’ve likely already been in this room, which includes Rya and Knight Bernahl.

elden ring The players on the subreddit quickly moved from “Oh, cool” to “Oh, no” after watching the Tristam discovery.

“You know we have to go back through the whole game and check every wall now,” RexLongbone said.

Turns out there’s at least one illusion wall like this one, also in Volcano Manor.

But this Volcano Manor wall seems like an anomaly, not an omen. Having defeated this strange new wall in armed combat myself, I can confirm that it does not behave like other phantom walls. First, wall breaking does not refer to the traditional imaginary wall breaking sound – it simply disappears. Second, these walls will re You should rest in a place of grace. This stone wall is probably a special example, perhaps unique to the game – it may have been inserted as an object to separate Rya and Knight Bernahl’s room, where no combat is allowed, from the hallway filled with poisonous snail monsters.

Or maybe there are dozens of walls like this in elden ring, with fun secrets and powerful weapons behind each one. There is only one way to find out…