The EU is reviewing applications from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

The EU is reviewing applications from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova


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The European Union on Monday introduced a procedure for considering applications for membershipUkraineOf Georgia And some MoldovaAnnounced by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

A comprehensive process

All three countries filed their demands following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The European Commission has yet to make an official comment and 27 people have to decide whether to grant candidate status to applicants before lengthy and complicated negotiations. It took two years for the European Commission member to submit its opinion after the application Romania.

Consensus is needed

Representatives Member States In Brussels, the president said on his Twitter account that an agreement had been reached to “invite the European Commission to submit an opinion on each of the EU membership applications submitted by Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.” The procedure, written on Monday, was launched by member states to “verify draft letters seeking the opinion of the European Commission”, the news added. Many member states have supported the three-state approach, but the process is lengthy and requires member consensus. European Council President Charles Michel promised in a message on Twitter after a new interview with the president on Monday that “we will discuss Ukraine’s membership application.” Volodymyr Zhelensky.

An urgent request from Ukraine

The Ukrainian president is urging Europeans to unite his country “without delay.” But there is no procedure for this. Integration in the EU is a long-term process that brings the candidate country’s law closer to European law. A war like political stability and a functioning market economy requires complex negotiations on many subjects and criteria that are difficult for a country to face.