Igor Bonifacic

The first gameplay trailer for ‘Dune: Spice Wars’ shows real-time combat



We had our first look at At the 2021 Game Awards, now developer Shiro Games is giving fans of Frank Herbert’s touching novels an even better look at the project. in a gameplay trailer Joint studio on Tuesday, see how to play a game spice wars play it out. Unlike most 4X games, including Civilization VI And HumanityAnd spice wars It is part of a real-time strategy game. This means that you won’t have hundreds of roles where you can agonize over every possible move deciding how to lead your faction. This should make decisions like where to send your troops, what settlements to conquer and how to engage in the most effective diplomacy.

Of course, every time you move your troops or fight a battle in the open desert of Arrakis, you’ll need to keep in mind that the sandworm may come to snack on your units. Judging from the trailer, you’ll also have access to agents that you can send to organizations like Spacing Guild, CHOAM, and even Landsraad. when you arrive Steam Early Access later this year, spice wars It will feature four playable factions. Of course, the lofty House Atredies and the fearsome House Harkonnen are among the groups you can lead.

It’s fitting that the first sand dune game in two decades includes RTS elements. In 1992, Westwood Studios helped create a formula for this genre with excellent . While the popularity of RTS games has waned in recent years, Dune II An enduring legacy and influence. You won’t have MOBAs like League of Legends If not for the work that Westwood Studios and Blizzard did in the early ’90s.

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