The latest collective bargaining positions for MLB, the Players Association

The latest collective bargaining positions for MLB, the Players Association



Updated 2-16-22

As the proposals move back and forth, it can be difficult to keep track of each side’s place in the collective bargaining between the MLB and the Players Association. We will keep this post updated so you can use it as a reference.

MLB’s latest show: 2-12-22

Latest offer from MLBPA: 2-1-22

Next: Expect the MLBPA to submit a proposal 2-17-22

Here each side stands on the main issues.

Minimum salary

  • MLB: $630K, or $615,000/$650K/$725K for players 0-3
  • MLBPA: $775,000
  • Current gap: 145 thousand dollars

Competitive Balance Tax

  • MLB: base tax thresholds at $214 million in 2022/214 million in 2023/216 million in 2024/218 million in 2025/222 million in 2026. Also suggest Significant increases in tax rates increases and penalties for selecting a new venture.
  • MLBPA: $245 million in 2022/252 million in 2023/259 million in 2024/266 million in 2025/273 million in 2026
  • Current gap: $31 million in 2022, grows to $51 million in 2026. The gap also includes MLB proposed increases in tax rates and the addition of draft pick forfeiture

Draft pick offset

  • MLB: Suggest repealing the forfeiture of draft pick for teams that sign free agents. their plan still calling for Teams get draft picks for free agents losing, depending on the quality of the player. This offer appears to be related to MLB’s CBT proposal as a form of trade.

Pre-judging bonus pool

MLB has agreed to fund a bonus package for players prior to arbitration, which will be a new addition to the CBA. They proposed a “six-person committee—three on each side—to develop a mutually acceptable statistic on the war to allocate the funds,” according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. He adds, “The top 30 WWII players and award winners will be eligible for the reward pool.”

  • MLB: raises $15 million
  • MLBPA: Raised $100 Million
  • Current Gap: $85 Million

Arbitration Eligibility

  • MLB: No change in which players are eligible to referee
  • MLBPA: All players with at least two years of service are eligible to referee

Manipulation of service time

  • MLB: Submit two draft picks within a player’s first three years if he finishes in the top three in a Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, or MVP vote (Per Jesse Rogers)
  • MLBPA: “Players receive a full year of service time in their rookie season if strikers and hunters are among the top seven for their WWII positions in each league, with outside players, relief shooters and rookie shooters among the top 20. She said she would accept an amendment An MLB proposal that would reward draft pick compensation for teams whose players ranked first among the top three in the Rookie of the Year, MVP and Cy Young vote.” (According to Bob Nightingale in USA Today)

anti-tank measures

  • MLB: Lottery for the top three picks
  • MLBPA: Lottery’s Top Eight Picks. Under the offer of the guild, the same teams will find themselves excluded from the lottery for finishing below certain thresholds in the standings for two to three consecutive seasons. Specific limits for exclusion have varied depending on the size of the market, with clubs in the larger market facing more stringent lottery eligibility requirements.

revenue sharing

  • MLB: No change in revenue sharing
  • MLBPA: $30 million cut

Expanded qualifiers

  • MLB: 14 teams
  • MLBPA: 12 teams

universal rhombus hitter

This appears to be generally agreed upon by both sides.