The story of the night Russia began its military invasion


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This is a scene that has been feared for weeks. Early this morningRussia launched a massive and rapid offensive in Ukraine, bombing several major cities. Vladimir Putin Decided to launch “a military operation”, launching its tanks towards Kiev from several frontiers. 20 minutes I am remaking for you the movie of the first hour of the Russian invasion.

Midnight to 4am: UN Advocate and Vladimir Putin Report

On a very restless night, many Ukrainians could not sleep. As new cyber attacks targeted Ukrainian government bases, many airports were closed, as was the entire airspace of the country. Separatist leaders are seeking military assistance from Moscow to help defeat the occupation of the Ukrainian armed forces, the UN said.UNRussia-led emergency meeting this month at 3:30 p.m.

In a key statement, the UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, keeping his eyes on the camera, asks Vladimir Putin: “Tell your troops not to attack Ukraine. Give peace a chance. Many have already been killed. “But he’s already too late. At about the same time, just before 6am in Moscow, Vladimir Putin announced live on television,” that the decision has been made. ” Special military action In his statement, which did not use the word “war”, Vladimir Putin explained that the goal was “militarization.” UkraineBut they want to “kneel” the Ukrainian regime and “tenacify” it.

4 hrs: Blasts and punishments

Vladimir Putin’s declaration did not end, the first bombs fell on Ukraine. Not only in the eastern part of the country. Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dinifro … yet in the UN, Antonio Guterres speaks again, moving into view. “This is a very sad moment for me to take over as Secretary-General of the United Nations,” he lamented. “In the name of humanity, President Putin must bring your troops back to Russia! This conflict must end now,” he said.

The United States and NATO condemn “premeditated” and “unjust war.” In Ukraine, the foreign minister calls on the world to “stop Putin” and the country to “defend itself.”

5 a.m .: Russian troops cross the border

Accordingly The plan that Westerners expected, The first Russian soldiers to set foot in the territory of Ukraine, after the terror caused by the bombings, just before nightfall and fog. The landing takes place in Odessa in the south of the country, and Russian tanks cross the border near Kharkiv in the northeast. Video elements indicate that a column of tanks has crossed the border BelarusMilitary operations have been going on for weeks, and Ukraine is only 150 kilometers from Kiev.

The Ukrainian capital has also been hit by ballistic missiles. At present, these are targeted attacks, not massive bombings targeting border guards and military infrastructure. An ammunition depot in Kharkiv would have been destroyed. The UN has confirmed that a draft resolution condemning Russia will be tabled on Friday. An eternity.

6 a.m .: Martial law and Western reactions

On Instagram, he says the Ukrainian president has asked people to declare martial law. Don’t worry, we will win, ” he tries to reassure. Anti-bomb sirens are not quiet in Kiev, where people are quiet despite the uncertainty. Be safe? It refers to taking the risk of exposing oneself to the intensity of the conflict. An eight-hour drive to Poland? There is also the risk of crossing Russian tanks along the way.

The West is awake, and Joe Biden Immediately announces “severe sanctions” against Moscow. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor and Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, condemned the “bloody” election and the “clever violation” of international law by the Kremlin. “Responsible”. NATO announces emergency meeting, while Russian stock markets suspend their exchanges.

7 a.m .: Western Ukraine strikes, Russian army advances

The bombings have intensified across Ukraine. Kiev airport was hit by a ballistic missile just before 7 a.m., while bombings were reported in Lviv and Lutsk, about 50 kilometers from Poland. The Ukrainian military says it has shot down five Russian planes and a helicopter in the east of the country. President Zhelensky has called on the West to build an “anti-Putin coalition” to “force Russia into peace”.

But that did not stop Russia from advancing on the first villages of the Lukansk region. The Russian military has said it has “shut down” Ukrainian air bases. “Anti-aircraft defense installations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

8 a.m .: First deaths and economic consequences

Announcements are raining, Especially with candidates for the presidential election in France. Jean-Luc Mélenchon calls for the denial of an “unbearable increase” and still believes in diplomacy to achieve an “immediate ceasefire”, especially through urgent debate at the UN. Eric Zemmour “unconditionally condemns Russian military intervention”, words close to Emmanuel Macron’s reaction.

In Ukraine, after the bombings, the war takes on a human face. Border guards report attacks using “artillery, heavy equipment and light weapons”, but the sabotage, before announcing their first death. Authorities say one person has been killed and another injured in a series of bombings in Kiev. After a brief pause in trading, the Moscow stock market plunged nearly 14% on news of impending new sanctions, and the ruble fell 9% against the dollar. The Russian central bank has thus decided to intervene “to stabilize the situation”. In France, Emmanuel Macron convened the Security Council at 9 am.