The US and Russian foreign ministers are due to meet next week


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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on January 21, 2022.

The appointment is determined under the conditions. On Thursday evening, February 17, the State Department announced that US Diplomatic Leader Anthony Blinkan would meet with his Russian envoy, Sergei Lavrov, next week if Russia does not invade Ukraine. Jupiter, on the other hand, aims to expand once again as tensions rise over the crisis in Ukraine.

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Mr Blingen volunteered to meet with Mr Lavrov “In Europe next week. The Russians responded with proposed dates (…)We agree, there is no Russian invasion of Ukraine. “State Department spokesman Nate Price said. “If they invade in the next few days, it will be clear that they have never been serious about diplomacy.”He added.

Germany, for its part, on Friday accused Russia of endangering Europe’s security “Cold War Needs”Ahead of the annual Munich Security Conference, it will be dominated by the crisis in Ukraine.

“Russia is challenging the basic tenets of the European peace order by deploying troops unprecedentedly along the border with Ukraine and the Cold War demands.”In a statement, German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach called for further talks with Moscow. “We are ready for a serious dialogue on security for all. Even millimeter steps to peace are better than big steps to war. “She added.

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Possible attack “in the coming days”

International leaders and diplomats will hold three days of discussions on security and security issues in Munich, southern Germany, from Friday to Sunday.

In particular, US Vice President Kamala Harris, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, UN Secretary-General Anthony Blinken, European Commission President Antonio Guterres, NATO President Ursula van der Leyen and Jens are expected. Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Sergei Lavrov, who has missed this year’s conference in the past, did not plan to attend this year, Germany said.

Joe Biden will also speak Friday afternoon “With past Atlantic leaders (…) About Russian troops stationed on the border with UkraineThe White House official announced Thursday.

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Earlier on Thursday, the conflict between Russia and the West took a most sacred turn at the UN: Anthony Blinken appeared before the Security Council to urge the Russians. “Leaving the Path of War”. “It simply came to our notice then [les Russes] Ready to enter Ukraine to attack Ukraine ”Earlier, US President Joe Biden ruled that an attack was possible “In the next few days”.

Russia has sent more than 150,000 troops and equipment to neighboring Ukraine, according to US intelligence. Moscow, for its part, announced on Tuesday and Wednesday that it would withdraw its troops, with pictures of trains loaded with equipment in support, but without convincing Westerners.

Firing with heavy weapons at Donbass

Mr. Biden reiterated that Russia was preparing, and according to him, an excuse, a “False warning”Linked to the conflict between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, which would justify its intervention.

The Donbass region, the epicenter of the conflict against pro-Russian militants by Ukrainian forces for eight years, experienced increased gunfire with heavy weapons on Thursday. The Ukrainian military in particular condemned the attack on Stanitza Lukanska, which lost half the electricity in the area and left a shell hole in the wall of a school.

Joseph Borel, President of European Diplomacy “Indiscriminate bombing of public infrastructure is unacceptable”When congratulating “Control” Proved by Ukraine.

Luhansk separatists have blamed Kiev for the bombings. “Push the conflict to a serious level”When the Kremlin believes The “Intensive concentration of Ukrainian forces” This was due to the situation “Very dangerous”.

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