Transfer of Polish MiG-29 aircraft to Kiev, a stalemate between Washington and Warsaw

Transfer of Polish MiG-29 aircraft to Kiev, a stalemate between Washington and Warsaw


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The three-cushion game continues, with Kiev still waiting for its hunters. Washington on Tuesday rejected Poland’s proposal Its MiG-29 aircraft At the disposal of the United States, then, Deliver them to Ukraine The offer raised “serious concerns” for NATO, which could help counter the Russian invasion.

“We do not believe Poland’s plan is possible,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. The possibility of ‘US-owned’ warplanes flying over Ukraine from the United States / NATO base in Germany over Russia’s disputed airspace with Russia raises serious concerns for NATO as a whole, “the spokesman added. Washington is in constant consultation with Warsaw on this matter.

Surprising announcement from Poland

Earlier on Tuesday, to the surprise of the United States, Poland confirmed that it was ready to move all its Mig-29s to the Rammstein base (in Germany) without delay (in Germany) and make them available to the government. The United States, according to the Polish Foreign Ministry.

“At the same time, Poland is asking the United States to provide a second-hand aircraft with the same operational capabilities. Poland is ready to immediately set the conditions for the acquisition of these devices,” the ministry said. Victoria Nuland, the third person in US diplomacy, acknowledged that her country was shocked by the “surprising” announcement of the poles.

Rising risk, but to whom?

If Vladimir Putin considers such military assistance to be NATO’s direct involvement in the war with Russia and Ukraine, the United States is concerned about the risk of conflict between the Atlantic Alliance and Russian forces. On Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Moldova and said the United States was “actively working” on such an agreement with Warsaw.

There are about 30 Soviet-designed aircraft in Poland, but according to media reports, only 23 are technically ready to be sent to Rammstein. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a news conference in Oslo on Tuesday evening that “Poland is not a party to this war, NATO is not a party to this war.”

“That is why any decision to supply assault weapons must be made by NATO on a consensus basis. That is why we are willing to give our entire warplanes to Rammstein, but we are not prepared to do anything on our own because, as I said, we are not participating in this war,” he continued.

Ukrainian urgent need

As for the US government, John Kirby said in a statement that “it is ultimately up to the Polish government to decide whether or not to transfer Polish aircraft to Ukraine.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “We will continue to consult with Poland and other NATO allies on this matter and its logistical issues.”

Some Eastern European countries, former members of the Warsaw Pact, have officially placed Soviet MiG-29s in their fleets, whose anti-aircraft capabilities best meet Ukrainian requirements for combating Russian fighters.

Only Mig-29s, such as the Sukhoi-27 (anti-aircraft defense and ground support) and Sukhoi-25 fighter bombs, can be operated by Ukrainian pilots without prior training. The Polish government has invited other NATO member states – including the MiG-29s – to follow suit. Rammstein Airport, located in southwestern Germany, is the largest US military base in Europe.