Ukraine: Lavrov warns that “World War III will be nuclear and destructive”

Ukraine: Lavrov warns that “World War III will be nuclear and destructive”


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The possibility of a third world war, when a threat appears in the international arena, is sometimes feared by public opinion and is not so clear. A week later Invasion of Ukraine By Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Wednesday hopes that if “World War III” happens, it will be a “devastating nuclear war.”

Sergei Lavrov, in An interview with Al-Jazeera This Wednesday, the channel released a statement trying to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to him, Russia faces a “real danger” if Kiev buys nuclear weapons, which justifies the militarization of Ukraine, which is one of the objectives of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When diplomats stand up to Lavrov

The Russian Foreign Minister also responded The latest statement from US President Joe Biden. The White House resident confirms with a look of threat that Sergei Lavrov is “experienced and knows there is no alternative to sanctions other than World War II.”

Closer to Putin, only Sergei Lavrov embodied the Kremlin’s foreign policy, competing in large numbers for a week on the international stage. As a sign of this protest, hundreds of diplomats from around the world walked out of the UN Human Rights Council chamber in Geneva today, Wednesday, as the minister spoke.