War in Ukraine: A photo of this armed woman circling the lollipop networks in her mouth, but …

War in Ukraine: A photo of this armed woman circling the lollipop networks in her mouth, but …


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This is a photo of a little Ukrainian with a lollipop in her mouth and a story in the background of a handgun

War in Ukraine – a little girl with blue and yellow ribbons on the window frame of a dilapidated house – colors Ukraine-, a lollipop in his mouth, a weapon in his hand. The film went viral and caused a great deal of consternation and shock. It is noteworthy that this was retweeted by the former Polish President of the European Council Donald Dusk.

In a speech posted on Facebook this Sunday, March 13th, the photographer returned to the story of this photo. The author of the photo, Oleksi Krishenko, is none other than the girl’s father. Formerly an engineer at the Kiev Institute Russian invasion of UkraineDebuting on February 24, he is also interested in photography.

“Of course, the weapon is not loaded”

He took a photo on February 22 as tensions continued to rise in the “pre-war weeks”. “Western intelligence told us war was inevitable, but it did not seem credible to us,” explains the father of three. At the same time, Westerners expressed their “concern” but did not impose anything Permission to Russia. “

The picture of his 9 – year – old daughter, which looks like he’s exploring his surroundings, is part of a series in which the first picture was released on February 22. He said, “We need to take photos to attract attention. To attract attention. Possible war.”

Oleksii Kyrychenko wanted to show “what Ukraine will look like in the future”. “This is a picture of my daughter with a lollipop and a gun in an abandoned building,” says the man, who insists his child does not know how to use a gun. “Of course, the weapon [qui appartient à Oleksii Kyrychenko] No fee was charged during filming.

According to his testimony, the photo, which went viral after the war, was banned from all Facebook groups he posted to, including Russians. Among others, the figure of the armed woman was shocked.

“The world saw the true face of the Russian invasion”

After the war began, “I posted a photo on the Ukrainian Facebook group of cactus activists,” says Oleksi Krychenko. “Suddenly she went all over the world and became a monument.” Donald Dusk, who shared the snapshot on March 11, thanked the family father in his Facebook post. He also notes that the reception of the photo of his armed daughter has changed “as the world has seen the true face of the Russian invasion.”

After the start War in Ukraine, Which was unveiled at the UN on Saturday. It is estimated that at least 579 civilians were killed when Oleksii Kyrychenko fled the Ukrainian capital to the western part of the country with “friends” with his wife and three children. The mobilizer, like all Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60, says he has not yet been invited.

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