Washington threatens to make Russia a “pariah” in the event of an attack


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A senior White House official has threatened to isolate Russia internationally if it tries to invade Ukraine. Additional evidence of even greater tension in this case.

A senior White House official warned on Friday that if President Vladimir Putin decides to send troops to Ukraine, the international sanctions promised by the West will make Russia a “pariah”.

Talib Singh, the White House deputy national security adviser to the international economy, told reporters: “He will be ignored by the international community.

He also noted that Russia would “isolate itself from world financial markets and lose cutting-edge technological inputs” if it used the resources as an energy pressure lever, confirming that the United States was “ready”.

Nord Stream 2 is still in balance

“We have taken steps to integrate (…) with the largest energy consumers and energy producers to ensure that we have a continuous supply of energy and sustainable energy markets,” Taleep Singh said.

Washington has already said that if Moscow attacks Ukraine, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany by sea will not be operational.

At the same press conference, White House hacking adviser Anne Neuberger on Tuesday accused Russia of being “responsible” for recent cyber attacks targeting several official Ukrainian military websites and two state-owned banks.