Peter Nygard Net Worth

Peter Nygard was born in Finland in the early 1940s before immigrating to Canada in 1952.

Nygard resigned as chairman of his company in 2020, following an FBI raid on his Los Angeles home and New York corporate headquarters. Nygard International filed for bankruptcy in both the United States and Canada at the beginning of the year.

It achieved global success and expanded swiftly to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of women’s clothing.

Peter Nygard is under investigation for sex trafficking and rape suspicions. Multiple women have come forward with allegations that he assaulted them. A number of incidents occurred on his Bahamas estate when the women were still minors.

The beachfront residence that resembled a Mayan temple was a true pleasure dome. Nygard is accused of committing sexual assaults spanning decades and the world. According to the unsealed indictment, Nygard recruited female victims using the company’s power and resources