What were the missions of the French soldiers sent to Romania?

What were the missions of the French soldiers sent to Romania?


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Tensions are still rising in Ukraine. The mayor of the city said on Saturday, the tenth day of the invasion, that the strategic port of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine was under “siege” and “ruthless attacks” by Russian forces, and then Russians and Ukrainians were preparing. Third round of talks over the weekend. For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Friday regretted NATO’s decision not to establish a no-fly zone in Ukraine in the midst of the Russian invasion: “All these people who will die from today will die by youHe started with a video.

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Members of the coalition on Friday refused to impose a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine for fear of actually escalating with Moscow. At the same time, NATO troops concentrated in Romania, where Constance’s large air base was established, on the shores of the Black Sea, just before the fighting in Odessa.

In fact, this deployment is particularly important for Bucharest, which shares a 650km border with Ukraine. NATO forces strengthened in Romania a month ago. The U.S. military has doubled its strength and increased its presence to 2,000. The first French reinforcements, 250 alpine hunters, arrived in late February, just days after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, with armored vehicles and war vehicles.

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The French force, which is at the forefront of operations as a framework nation, continues to maintain: 500 of them will be on Sunday, March 6, when French Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley arrives at the NATO air base to welcome them. While the Charles-de-Gaulle warship was stationed in the Mediterranean, the area was approaching to allow French troops to carry out reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions.

“We want to send a message of hope against Russia so that Russia does not take another step and that Russia does not take it on its head to go beyond the limits of the Atlantic Alliance; we are a bound state of affairs. Know “, Defense Minister Florence Barley was warned Thursday on France Info’s microphone. “We have sent them to the EU, the Atlantic Alliance and the countries closest to this conflict because we owe them help and solidarity.”She added.

The Germans, Italians, Poles, Dutch and Belgians also strengthened their numbers. Everyone initially gathered at this large NATO base in Constanta in southeastern Romania, two hours by road from the Ukrainian conflict zone. Romania’s defense minister confirmed on Friday that Romania was at the forefront and that French forces would play a greater role here.