Will the Russia-Ukraine war have an impact on sanctions against the Russian game?

Will the Russia-Ukraine war have an impact on sanctions against the Russian game?


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Russia has isolated itself on the playing field following the invasion of Ukraine, which began last Thursday. The event is huge, even for Russian sponsors who see the IOC-recommended ban on Russian players from all competitions except the World Cup, or the breach of their contracts. This may seem trivial given the situation in Ukraine. However, the game has a separate place in Russia. How did this come about?

Iukas aubin : “Since 1917, sport has always been a major issue for both the Soviet Union and Russia. He says over and over again that he began to thank Judo in particular, and then tried to create a very successful political-economic-game system, which I call ‘Sportocracura’ in my book. , It worked very well, and in recent years the Russian game with the organization of majors has consistently found itself on the stage especially sporting events. “


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What is Putin’s primary goal in this sporting policy?

The: “Russia has sought to invest in the World Cup to enhance its influence in the world, so it is not uncommon for Cosprom to be a sponsor of the Champions League.”

Are you surprised by the amount of decisions that different planetary sports companies make?

The : “For me, this is a pivotal moment in the history of the global sports movement, because we see the biggest corporations calling themselves apolitical or neutral, making political decisions in dramatic contexts. .But nothing can be compared, because here we are talking about one of the first centers of power on this planet. “

Based on this observation, how can excluding Russia from the world of sports be unimportant to a country and its President Vladimir Putin?

LA: “You can imagine the impact of this exclusion from the world game on Vladimir Putin’s person. The game is played.It is an absolute social fact, that is, whether we like it or not, it affects all the people of the world. The question then is how people and athletes will react to this.

Daniel Medvedev posted a long message on Instagram in which he asks for “peace” to stimulate the dreams of children around the world.

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What exactly can we imagine Putin in this Russia, where the demonstration is similar to prison? Will this have a real impact?

LA: “It’s hard to say for now. But I see two possibilities. First: the population will line up behind its president. This is a very classic possibility but not very obvious. By athletes who started doing (Note: Daniel Medvedev or Andrei Rublev) This is completely new and very important in Russia, this mobilization of athletes will affect the population and give courage to those who are already protesting. There are still more demonstrations in more than 95 different cities. It’s very big. But we know that 6000 people have been arrested. It’s an idea of ​​the size of the protest.


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