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Are Louis and Christine Still Together From Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

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Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle has taken the reality television scene by storm, capturing the hearts of viewers with its drama, romance, and unexpected twists. The fifth season of the show, like its predecessors, witnessed the formation of various couples, including Christine Obanor and Louis Russell. Their time on the show was far from smooth, but they kept the crowd interested the entire time. Needless to say, many viewers are left wondering if this couple is still romantically involved, and we’re here to find out!

Are Louis and Christine From Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Still Together?

The answer is ambiguous. Louis Russell, 22, of Hampshire, England, and Christine Obanor, 22, of Texas, were two original Too Hot to Handle Season 5 contestants who appeared in Episode 1. Louis and Christine began Too Hot to Handle Season 5 together and agreed to spend the first night in bed together. Instead of sleeping with Christine, Louis slept with Hannah and had a relationship with her.

Christine and Louis got together later in the season after sharing a beach kiss, and Hannah split up with Louis. Christine and Louis remained together until Louis got physical with Linzy in Episode 7 when she chose Louis for a date. Louis apologized to Christine, and the two reconciled.

Louis and Christine

Louis told Christine towards the end of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 that he wanted to date her but made it clear that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Both Louis and Christine advanced to the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 finale, but neither won.

So, are Louis and Christine from Too Hot to Handle Season 5 still together? The answer is ambiguous. Louis and Christine haven’t declared their relationship as of yet, but they appear to be on good terms and follow each other on Instagram. Louis and Christine have both made TikTok jokes about their relationship on Too Hot to Handle Season 5.

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Christine released a video after the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 finale with the phrase “What are you and Louis going to do in the private suite?” The audio in the video showed a reporter asking Miranda Cosgrove what her favorite curse word is. “Probably fuck,” Cosgrove answers, which Christine lip-syncs in the video.

What Are Louis and Christine Doing These Days?

Christine has been quite active on Instagram, uploading photographs of herself hanging around with other cast members as well as modeling shots. Interestingly, despite the team Hannah vs. team Christine debate, the THTH season 5 beauty shared a photo of herself and Hannah, confirming their friendship and debunking reports of antagonism between the two.

Louis and Christine

Louis’ Instagram is also full of modeling photographs and reactions to his time on THTH and with pals. Despite the fact that they are most likely single, both appear to be doing well.

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Christine and Louis were a terrific fit on Too Hot To Handle season 5, but it appears their love couldn’t last in the real world. Between the tests of Louis’ adultery and Christine’s trust issues, the couple evolved tremendously during their time on the hit reality TV show. In the following days, hopefully, there will be more discussion on the ramifications of their relationship.

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