Bloodivores Season 2 Release Date

Bloodivores Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

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Bloodivores is a Chinese animated series based on a web comic by Bai Xiao. It tells the story of Mi Liu, who is both human and vampire, as he tries to bring together these two races and prevent a mysterious organization from releasing a new virus that transforms people into vampires.

The initial season of Bloodivores was broadcast in 2016, consisting of 12 episodes. However, many fans felt disappointed due to the sudden ending and the lack of resolution for some main characters.

So, the big question is: Will there be a second season of Bloodivores? Here’s all the information you need about Bloodivores Season 2.

Release Date of Bloodivores Season 2

Regrettably, there’s no official word on Bloodivores Season 2. The studio or author hasn’t confirmed its renewal or cancellation.

Considering the low ratings and popularity of the first season, it’s possible that a second season might not happen.

Bloodivores Season 2 Release Date

Additionally, some fans weren’t happy with how the first season concluded, leaving some storylines unfinished. As a result, the chances of a second season for Bloodivores in the near future seem unlikely.

Bloodivores Season 2: Cast & Characters

The members of Bloodivores’ first season cast included:

  • Liu Yuxuan as Mi Liu
  • Wang Yibo as Lin Feng
  • Zhang Xueying as Li Xue
  • Chen Xiaoxiao as Zhang Yixuan
  • Wang Zhiyuan as Wang Zhen
  • Li Xueying as Li Xue
  • Chen Xiaoxiao as Zhang Yixuan
  • Wang Zhiyuan as Wang Zhen

Here are the voice actors for these characters:

  • Liu Yuxuan: Yu Nan (Japanese), Liang Jie (Chinese)
  • Wang Yibo: Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese), Xu Kai (Chinese)
  • Zhang Xueying: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Xu Kai (Chinese)
  • Chen Xiaoxiao: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Xu Kai (Chinese)
  • Wang Zhiyuan: Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese), Xu Kai (Chinese)

There hasn’t been any official announcement about which actors will return for Bloodivores Season 2, if it happens.

Plot of Bloodivores Season 2

Bloodivores Season 1 follows the story adapted from the web comic “Time Prisoners” by Bai Xiao. It’s set in a world where a strange event called “Insomnia” happened 60 years ago, making people stay awake for more than a week, leading to madness and death.

A drug called “Sleepless” was created to cure them, but it unexpectedly turned users into vampires who crave blood and can’t sleep.

The main character, Mi Liu, is a human-vampire hybrid born from his mother’s human blood and his father’s vampire blood. After leading a bank robbery with friends Lin Feng and Li Xue, he’s captured by the National Defense Agency and sent to a prison.

Bloodivores Season 2 Release Date

There, he meets Zhang Yixuan, another hybrid experimented on by the evil scientist Dr. Wang Zhen, who aims to create super soldiers using Sleepless and vampire blood.

With Zhang Yixuan’s help, Mi Liu escapes and teams up with Wang Zhen’s daughter, Wang Zhiyuan, who wants to stop her father’s plans. Along the way, they encounter enemies like vampires led by Lin Feng’s brother Lin Fengxiao, humans led by Li Xue’s brother Li Xuexiao, and other hybrids such as Zhang Yixuan’s sister Zhang Yixuana.

The first season concludes with Mi Liu defeating Dr. Wang Zhen in an epic battle at his secret laboratory. He also discovers he has another half-brother, Lin Fengxiao Jr., who is both an enemy and shares a bloodline bond with him.

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Official Trailer for Bloodivores Season 2

As mentioned before, there isn’t an official trailer for Season 2 of Bloodivores yet. However, you can find some fan-made trailers online to get an idea of what might happen in the upcoming season.

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What is the IMDb Ratings of Bloodivores

The first season of Bloodivores got an IMDb average score of 4.4 out of 10 from 127 user ratings. The best-rated episode is the first one, scoring 7.5 out of 10 from 8 users.

According to MyAnimeList, Bloodivores has an overall score of 5.49 out of 10, suggesting that most viewers didn’t find it enjoyable.

There’s no official rating for a potential second season of Bloodivores yet. However, based on fan-made trailers and reviews, it seems fans weren’t very happy with the first season and are hoping for a better second season.

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Final Words

Bloodivores is a Chinese anime that talks about identity, hybrid creatures, and conflicts in a world where humans and vampires live together. The first season of Bloodivores ended with a suspenseful moment, and fans are curious if there will be a second season.

Currently, there’s no official confirmation or announcement about Bloodivores Season 2. The show wasn’t renewed or canceled by the studio or the author, and it got poor ratings and reviews from viewers. So, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be a second season anytime soon. You can also check our website for more updates.

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